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Tightened Skin: Galvanic therapy allows aging for home use

Treatments that use electrical stimulants to stimulate their own ion migration in the body and thus actively affect energy metabolism are considered conventional therapy in conventional medicine, for example for the treatment of chronic pain, joint pain, migraines or depression.

The so-called galvanic current (also known as nano- or microcurrent) has proven itself and has produced good results as so-called Galvano therapy, also more commonly for cosmetic purposes, such as smoothing wrinkles or relieving hyperpigmentation on applied skin. You can use them with cosmetic professionals and dermatologists – or for home use.

The galvanic current rejuvenates the skin in self-application

The futuristic appearance of anti-aging tools, such as Ziip Beauty's "Ziip Device", enables skin rejuvenation with galvanic therapy at home, even when used alone. In doing so, a smooth palm-sized tool moves slowly and gently across the face, e.g., across the eyes, mouth, or forehead. By means of two electrodes – one of the positive pole and the other of the negative pole – in this way, the DC current pulses are transmitted to the tissue and internal particles, resulting in a measurable aging effect. Due to the electric field of tension and uniform activation of ion migration in the skin, a chemical monitoring reaction now occurs, especially in the area of ​​the electrodes, which promotes blood circulation and important metabolic and healing processes.

Galvano Therapy for Home Use: These are detailed benefits

… as an anti-aging method

Firstly, the circulation, cellular metabolism and therefore nutrient and fiber supply are significantly improved. In addition, electrolysis treatment stimulates lymph flow and the removal of swollen fluid, as well as the production of amino acids and collagen, which visibly reduces and relieves swelling and tightens tissue. The moisture, vitamins and minerals that nourish the skin inside (through diet) and outside (anti-aging treatments) can be introduced into deeper layers, absorbed more effectively and optimally implemented as part of this significantly increased cell activity. The skin looks smooth, lifted and rejuvenated as if it were on the inside out.

… to alleviate impurities and pimples

In addition, micro-flow treatment removes bacteria from the surface of the skin and upper layers of the skin, providing visibly cleaner, more uniform skin and refined pores, also thanks to improved tissue circulation and detoxification. Impurities such as pimples and blackheads are actively prevented.

… for cellulite smoothing

Thanks to significantly improved lymph flow, Galvano therapy can improve the appearance of the buttocks and thighs, release deposits and relieve cellulite.

Skin Care: How to use micro-tools properly

To support microstrip treatment, it is recommended to use moisturizing fluids that are generously applied to previously cleaned skin before use. Beauty expert and Ziip founder Melanie Simon of California swears by anti-aging serums that optimally deliver electrical impulses to the tissue while providing the skin with highly effective active ingredients and added hydrating effect. The texture must be based on a deep-acting moisture component, such as hyaluronic acid. Ideal liquids and gels are enriched with electrolytes such as magnesium, potassium and sodium; Oily or silicone textures are not suitable for micro-processing.

How to: First, apply a large amount of gel to your face, neck and décolletage. Then slide the tool across the skin in slight, even motions, starting at the center of the face and pulling up, up, and down; Gravity tool on neck and neckline, so scroll up.

Treatment with immediate impulses requires good health, in case of doubt consult a doctor or skin specialist. Heart problems and other medical conditions are not recommended for microcurrent treatment.