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Two of the three judgments were strengthened

In the Salzburg murder case, Roland K. at a formal jury dinner in Salzburg with two of the three defendants increased the sentence and upheld the instructions of the first accused musician at the Institute for Mental Abnormal but Sanguine Law Offenders. No verdict is final. The case was already negotiated a year ago.

The Supreme Court (OGH) upheld it after the first trial, although the verdict was against all three accused of murder and robbery, with which a verdict in this area had already become final. In some areas, however, he abolished the initial sentence, including in connection with the sentence and the introduction of musicians into the institution, so he now had to re-engage with the jury.

Now a 26-year-old musician, his ex-girlfriend (21) and possessor (30) were convicted on June 20 last year of murder, robbery and burglary. According to the indictment, the musician and his girlfriend allegedly killed 63-year-old Roland K. at their villa in Salzburg on July 19, 2016 after giving him chocolates alleged to have mixed sleeping pills. They tied up and hooked his victim, then left her alone in the basement of his house. The cause of death could no longer be accurately determined, the prosecution assumed that the combination of alcohol, sleeping pills, gags and a cloth bag over his head was fatal and K. suffocated.

It is said that a friend of the host musician encouraged the couple to take action. Suspect's motive: The defendant would have him on the property of a wealthy Salzburg man. Roland K.'s corpse was found only a year after the act, according to a note from musicians in abandoned pork on the property of a restorer in the upper Austrian Innviertel. They say the body hid the two of them in an old feeder. In the process, the musician acknowledged the robbery, but claimed he did not want to kill the victim. His ex-girlfriend and landlord have denied all allegations.

In the current trial, the new juror increased the sentence to a musician from 15 (at the first trial) to 18 years in prison, and also confirmed admission to an institution for mentally abnormal but healthy offenders. He was also sentenced against his ex-girlfriend, with seven to eight years in prison. The host was again sentenced to 16 years.

None of today's judgments are final. The music defender, Franz Essl, filed a null and void complaint, the other parties did not make a statement, court spokesman Peter Egger reported. (APA)