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Vip News: Bonnie Strange fans call sexist

August 15, 2019

Bonnie Strange fans call it sexist and defend the ironic revelation

Influencers and celebrities are often exposed to Instagram gales and angry comments and follower messages. Bonnie Strange recently had to call herself "sexist." Reason: She prefers penises with sunscreen if the cream greases other people's backs. The picture she posted on her account provocatively shows herself naked with a friend who painted a sunblock on her back. He writes: "Today I learned that it is sexist to paint a penis with sunscreen on my body as a woman, and every time, and for almost two decades, when I use sunscreen, I paint (because it's so beautiful) easy to paint) a penis is a cream for sunbathing on me or other creams (women and men) I have never considered myself sexist and would rather call myself the opposite, but well, I draw penises on my skin, on dirty car windows, on blurred mirrors, or even on the beach sand – just for fun. "However, many of their followers do not find this funny at all and attack the 33-year-old:" But as I was told inbox today, this is no longer OK in 2019. I can't do that and I don't find it funny because the cream -Penisse (which was explained to me in my mailbox today) is nothing more than a swastika sunscreen and so I'm really nothing but a racist and just as shit as AfD Wow. I love 2019! " ji have both encouragement and criticism.

source: Instagram by Bonnie Strange