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Ante Covic: "We are Ready for the Match in Bayern!"

Berlin –

One day we will wake up, heissa, then Hertha day! Also curious as a bow to the morning start of the Bundesliga blue and white in Bayern (8.30pm)? Ante Covic can hardly wait for her first game as head coach of Herth: “I feel more anticipation than nervousness. We are ready for the match in Bayern! "

The 43-year-old coach was catapulted into the center of the big football world after ten years of great work in the youth field. The Munich game will be broadcast in 200 countries worldwide. Surely most want to see a record champion. But Covic doesn't itch at all. He sees a great opportunity in the media presence: “We are simply looking forward to the challenge. We want to perform well and perform well. "

Preetz: "Big stage for us!"

Manager Michael Preetz loves the courageous approach of the coach, adding: "We have undivided attention and a great stage on Friday night. This is an opportunity to make a good business card."

With Herth, the times have passed, and he is freezing with fear if he goes against Bayern. Blue and white also have reason to express optimism. There have been three draws, two narrow defeats in the past three years, and then even last season there was a 2-0 home win over Munich. "Past games against Bayern have always been tight, and the team will remember that. Whether it will help us is another matter. We can drive there with confidence," Preetz says.

"We need balance in the game!"

Confidence yes, but also a warning to the players. This is what the coach says openly: “We have to bring 100 percent. Even if we do, there is no guarantee that we will get anything. "

Offensively she looked very good in Herth's preparation, but there were often differences in the last team. Covic knows, "We need to get a good balance. Bayern will have more possession." So there will be a defensive team.