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Bayern dominant: Why Fein midfielder feels comfortable in HSV

Adrian Fein comes from a descendant of Bayern. Not surprisingly, the "Mia san mia" stamp was also printed early on. In the square, a 20-year-old is humming with confidence, pressure or stress as if he were a foreign word. So in the rush of HSV, it slipped into the role of a clock in the middle of the center – and it's a lot of fun.

Lending record champions from Munich love it like Dieter Hecking is about domination, ball-owning football. The coach requires his team to take the initiative: To act, not to react, that is the motto. Fein has the right guy in the lead. "The way we play is very useful to me. It just brings mega dollars," he said, assuring, "It gets better week by week. The team grows together."

Fine like the competition

The former Regensburger is a surprise in the first weeks of this second league season. Although Hecking offers numerous alternatives, especially in the midfield, Fein certainly has his place in the starting eleven. But he doesn't know how to let go: "The players who are injured are reconnecting. There is really good competition."

The Bayern loan has fun in domination

At HSV, the young star even resembles an industry leader. Why? "It's a dominant game. We have a lot of ball. If we lose it, we want it back. Gegenpressing is already relatively far away. It's not long enough that everything works like an hour, but in a short time it's already very good." park against VfL Bochum Fein and Co. they want to put on fashion again.