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Beauty in the sun: Makeup with sunblock

When it comes to beautiful and healthy skin, sun protection in summer is simply a must. Makeup products with integrated sun protection factor are now standard on most brands. They offer not only a beautifying effect but also protection against UV rays and free radicals, and thus from premature skin aging and skin damage. Especially with strong and regular sun exposure as in summer, makeup by the sun protection factor is therefore an absolute beauty!

Base for a dazzling look: Foundation

The face is most exposed to the sun because we can only protect it conditionally through clothing. But you may know the problem: If you have been applying sunblock, your makeup will stop or your face will shine. The solution is products that combine a face cream with a masking effect like the one Core MAC Studio Fix Fluid with SPF 15 and matte finish.

Smarter Helper in Summer: BB Cream

BB cream (blemish balm or beauty balm) is a kind of cross between day care and foundation. It contains nutrients and color pigments, thus hiding individual spots such as stains, shadows or stains. BB creams are something like the further development of a toned day cream, which also gives a slight make-up effect and care. Thanks to the integrated sun protection factor, BB creams provide sun protection for the face and their light texture makes them comfortable to wear in summer and looks very natural.

Like the eyes in the sun: perfect summer moments

In the summer we also have a desire for ease and fun when it comes to beauty. Eye makeup is dominated by fresh, fruity sherbet and earthy tones, but of course, the lack of glamor with its subtle glitter effects should not be missed. For example, in the Makeup Revolution Soph X eyeshadow palette, you'll find 14 matte and 10 glossy eyeshadows that allow you to create different looks, from natural to expressive. Revolution Palette continues to play its first puzzle this year.

Whether it's a leisurely town party, summer getaways at a local oasis, or glamor at a beach club: With these makeup tips, you can enjoy your summer perfectly styled!

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