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"Clinic am Homberg": open view of other fields

The Wicker Group owns a clinic in Homberg, which is beautifully located in the countryside.

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There are two departments at the Homberg Clinic, a modern rehabilitation clinic in Bad Wildungen: psychosomatic and psychotherapy and orthopedics and trauma.

Both divisions are based on a holistic account of humanity that includes the body, the psyche and the social environment. This is where doctors, specialists, psychotherapists, psychologists, artists and movement therapists operate. The expert team also includes care and service staff, sports and physical therapists, occupational therapists, nutritionists and social workers. An individual rehabilitation program is created in collaboration with the patient.

Dr. honey. Thomas Kröner is the MD of the Orthopedic and Trauma Rehabilitation Department.

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Dr. Thomas Kröner is Head of the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology at Homberg Hospital. He is a specialist in surgery, orthopedics and (special) trauma surgery. Chiropractic and ambulance medicine are also among his priorities. His department has many years of experience in the rehabilitation of chronic health conditions. The versatile team also specializes in functional limitations and residual discomfort after injury and surgery.

Christoph Lang is Chief Physician at the Department of Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy at the Clinic am Homberg.

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His colleague Christoph Lang is the Chief Medical Officer of the Department of Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy. He is a specialist in psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy, as well as general and social medicine.

Patients with depressive disorders and anxiety disorders, with exhaustion, burnout syndromes, and occupational and occupational stress disorders, are in good hands here. This also applies to people suffering from psychological disorders after orthopedic diseases.

At each station of this department there are specific programs for individual priorities. These include chronic pain and fibromyalgia, Special Occupational Problems (MBOR), and finally eating disorders such as obesity, bulimia, and eating.

How different the therapeutic approaches are is also evident during the visit to WLZ as part of the summer tour.

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There is a wide range of psychotherapy procedures. Includes behavioral therapy methods, in-depth psychology, creative, relaxation and physical therapy. In addition, patients benefit from sports, physical and exercise therapy, occupational therapy, social and nutritional counseling, and health training programs – all focused on individual physical needs and opportunities.

An important role in the clinic in Homberg is played by "VOR". The abbreviation stands for Behavioral Medicine Oriented Rehabilitation – a specific, broad-based treatment that is rarely found in the district, such as that of a general practitioner. Thomas Kröner explains.

This concept broadens the view and opens up new avenues of healing – namely, when patients no longer focus only on physical symptoms but also learn the psyche. "VOR" therefore relies on complex psychological elements in the context of group and individual therapy.

How different the therapeutic approaches are is also evident during the visit to WLZ as part of the summer tour.

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It benefits two groups of patients at a time. On the one hand, those in whom physical illness is accompanied by mental stress or concomitant mental disorder. On the other hand, patients with musculoskeletal disorders who suffer from chronic pain – or who have mental health problems that negatively affect the course of the disease. Also for them, "VOR" is a promising option.

"It's a somatic and psychosomatic relationship," says Dr. Thomas Kröner. For patients and therapists, treatment is very popular. But: It also places great demands on a medical team that has staff interprofessionally.

Wicker group

The clinic am Homberg belongs to the Wicker group. The Wicker Clinics consist of nine privately owned rehabilitation clinics – one with a hospital psychosomatic medicine department – and three acute care hospitals in Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia. Not only is the Homberg dispensary located in beautiful scenery, which in addition to medical competence is an important factor in the successful stay of patients.


Photos: WLZ Summer Tour at Wicker Clinic