Even if elementary students have stress 2

Even if elementary students have stress


Even elementary school children today show symptoms of stress, as they do with top managers. These include headache and abdominal pain, fears, difficulty concentrating, or exhaustion.

The Elterninitivative Degasthenie Ganderkesee Association (ELG) would like to give a talk on Thursday, August 22, at 8 pm at Schwandheim Ganderkesee, Heideweg 2a, in which families can cope with stress, cope with daily life and cope with stressful situations. As a speaker, the initiators won the diploma of social educator Heidrun Köllner. In conjunction with Bremen Weser Links and Children's Hospital, Josef Delmenhorst offers an antistress course for children and adolescents.

"Stay cool and handle stress" is the motto of a course in which Heidrun Köllner teaches autogenic training as a method of relaxation. One goal is to reduce physical and emotional arousal in test situations and thus improve the memory of teaching material. In addition, children should be taught to recognize stress themselves and regain confidence in their own strengths and abilities.

Next week's ELG lecture is free for anyone interested. Club membership is not required.