Gentle and effective hair removal 2

Gentle and effective hair removal

Most women and some men know the problem: The hairs on the body and face are sometimes difficult to remove, and the next day the troublesome stems on which everything feels just aren't pretty. In addition, there is a problem that people with sensitive skin find it difficult to handle shaving and epilation. But there are ways and means to make hair removal much more comfortable.

Laser Hair Removal: Gentle and long lasting

If you want shaving to be no longer part of your daily care program, then this is it permanent laser hair removal can be a convenient option. With this method, the hair is not removed in the upper area, but directly to the root. Her hair is literally stripped of its roots so that her new hair does not grow.
Do not use a razor or epilator for several days before hair treatment. The coat must have a certain length to be permanently removed afterwards. Particularly thick and very dark hair can be treated with this method. For example, the laser can be used on the legs and armpits, but also on other parts of the body and even on the face.

These errors should not be made while removing hair

Shaving is generally very exhausting for the skin. But there are some basic mistakes that many consumers make. Result: Uneven skin and irritated skin. Make sure that the razor is always sharp and that the space between the blades is clean. Otherwise bacteria can accumulate quickly here, which can affect irritated skin and cause inflammation.
You should also refrain from dry shaving. Hot water, however, ensures that the pores open and the hair becomes softer. This makes shaving much easier. In either case, a high-quality, well-tolerated foam or shaving gel should be used. The better the razor glides on the skin, the smoother the result.
It should always be shaved with the growth direction. If you shave against the growth direction, the stem can be removed faster, but the skin is also more irritated. Go twice or even three times across the same spot and protect the affected skin areas.

Avoid the ax from shaving

There are many women fight repetitive shaving wedges. Not only do they look ugly, they are all just not comfortable. As a rule, small, red inflammations are caused by incorrect or excessive shaving. Shaving under hot water with plenty of shaving cream reduces the risk of suffering from shaving pimples. It is also important to replace the blades regularly so that the razor is always ready for use and hygienic.

After shaving, you can first soothe your skin with cold water. Subsequently, the lower legs and other sensitive areas can be coated with, for example, aloe vera gel. These skin care products moisturize the skin and have a soothing effect. The better the skin, the lower the risk of shaving pimples shortly after shaving.
There are several factors that favor the creation of unpleasant redness and especially shaving. This includes using too harsh care products immediately after shaving. Alcohol deodorants are just as taboo as excessive sweating. Sweat can unnecessarily irritate freshly shaven skin. Instead, you should protect your skin after shaving.

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