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Kia Sportage 2019 – Make up for the rebel

The 2019 Kia Sportage is the first production model by Koreans to use 48-volt technology and has thus mutated to a hybrid.

If only for a mild hybrid, because it cannot be operated solely by electric driving, technology should provide more power and lower fuel consumption. We tried in the detailed test. We drove the Kia Sportage as a GT line with a 185hp turbo diesel CRDi.

From the outside – subtle but effective changes

Although the visual changes on the new Kia Sportage are quite modest, they do bring a few refreshing upgrades in direct comparison to the predecessor model.

Overall, the SUV looks a bit wider and now stands tighter on its four wheels. Additional widths suggest modified front air vents and striking chrome trims that extend horizontally from headlamp to headlamp and separate the front apron from the radiator grille area.

2019 Front Sportage
With modified front and new wide-view daytime running lights: Kia Sportage Model 2019.

Particularly striking is the new LED daytime signature light, requiring ever-increasing attention for every four-spot headlamp.

2019 Sportage Headlights
All LEDs? At least in front – Blinking light is accomplished from several points.

In keeping with the current trend, redesigned LED taillights now replace the chrome bar, a light bar that connects them, which does not have a light function but does not miss the effect. Unfortunately, the turn indicators remain in their bumper at the very bottom, which doesn't matter, but the version with outdated incandescent technology doesn't contradict the otherwise state-of-the-art SUV.

2019 Kia Sportage Rear
Smooth thanks to continuous strip and exhaust pipe diffuser.

At the rear, the rear diffuser visually emphasizes the dynamics of the Korean SUV, primarily through the successful integration of the two output pipes. However, they only fulfill optical tasks and in both cases do not serve as part of the exhaust system, as the rear view is quickly revealed.

Kia Sportage Upright Dummy Doll
Unmasked: Exhaust vents are just waste and have no real function.

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Interior in Kia Sportage 201 – plus in value

The marginally redesigned interior as a whole seems to be a bit more valuable than the previous model, which because of the material looks. With many soft touch surfaces and a GT-Line design with high quality leather, including accentuated contrast stitching, the Kia Sportage exudes a high degree of well-being.

Indoor Sportage 2019
Only at a glance are the changes in the previous model visible.

Oddly enough, the GT-Line sports steering wheel emphasizes this aspect effectively with its thick trim and smooth steering wheel rim. Otherwise you will have a hard time finding changes inside. Maybe the adjusting wheels below and not beside the air fan show a noticeable difference.

2019 Sportage front seats
The seats proved to be very comfortable with enough lateral support and good leg support.

The available space remains at a high level. The lack of space is not overcome by either the front or the rear seats. The boot offers 439 liters, which can be expanded to a maximum of 1,428 liters, slightly less than its predecessor. The reason for this is the lithium-ion battery, which had to be placed in the boot floor.

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Engine and running characteristics – Wacher Elektrodiesel

The drive in the test vehicle was a 2.0-liter 185hp turbo diesel and 400 Newton meters of maximum torque, available from a small 1,750 rpm. For the first time in the Kia Sportage, the most important innovation is the combination of an internal combustion engine with a 48-volt system, consisting of a 12 kW belt drive generator and a 0.44 kWh lithium-ion battery.

Engine bay 2.0 CRDi Sportage
The diesel proved to be cultivated and thanks to 400 Newton meters strong in the start.

The starter belt generator supports the diesel engine when accelerating with additional torque and recovering recovery energy by braking or overrun, such as going downhill and storing it in a lithium-ion battery. Also, the diesel response is noticeably improved by electrical support.

2019 Sportage Sidebar
No turbo lag. Electrical support responds without delay.

The diesel seems a bit rough on a cold start, but wins the extra manners with every blink of an eye and overall has a fairly quiet operation, even if the base nail never goes away completely. The insulation is lavishly displayed and effectively blocks the diesel engine acoustically from the inside. Power transmission provides an 8-speed automatic transmission and distributes power to all four wheels, depending on presets and requirements.

2019 Sportage driving modes
Different driving modes broaden drive characteristics to different requirements.

The slight hybrid support can be felt as described, especially at startup and at low speeds, where the reaction time is almost imperceptible thanks to the wide-awake generator. The overkill, however, remains off. Powerful, the SUV still works in most life situations. Unusual and a little rough for us is the characteristic of the start / stop system in the roll operation below 30 km / h.

Because this happens in stop and stop operations, the system sometimes gets tangled up and brings with it a constant restart and repeated shutdown of the engine much restlessness in driving characteristics. But as described, you can only feel this phenomenon in situations of stopping and stopping. In addition, the start / stop function can also be switched off.

Sportage for lowering
With active longitudinal lockout and downhill assist, Sportage also mastered some off-roading.

It automatically acts mostly gently and virtually without interference. Driving comfort is immensely used, and combined with the powerful torque, sense of space and reduced background noise, even longer journeys with the Kia Sportage really give pleasure. Only in the Untertertourigen area can a diesel boom be heard which is rapidly evaporating with increasing speed.

GT-Line Sportage steering wheel
As much as it looks, it is also in hand – the GT line sports steering wheel has satisfied everyone.

Although the suspension tweaks are usually tightened rather than soft, the suspension and rollover performance is still very good, with no possible passenger malfunctions. The litter of the C5 Aircross, he can't show, but shows with his firmer voice, however, well-intentioned and stable cornering behavior, as there is no excessive wheel starting and kicking.

AWD four-wheel drive here also adds to the corresponding benefits. As with its predecessor, the current Kia Sportage also has a lock function to select all-wheel drive as a permanent power train. Thanks to that and downhill aids, Sportage can also complete one or the other of the forest and meadow trails. And over a stick and a stone, Koreans do it, if you don’t overdo it. A true off-roader, he is not, but he dominates the shallows with no problem.

Kia Sportage 2019 - Make up for the rebel 2
Real-time energy flow can be summoned in the cockpit. Here at Rekuperieren …

Two different driving modes also extend the response depending on taste, thus providing the desired driving and chassis characteristics.

The very smooth steering wheel could have somewhat defined feedback when driving straight, but it worked precisely in all other areas.

Air flow in cockpit
… or here with the additional boost of the belt generator.

The Korean brake system shows in the current model, very good dosage and impeccable stability. For the SUV, the test results are again exemplary.

By the way: Anyone who orders a Sportage with traction can now take up to 2.2 tonnes with a new model and the right equipment.

2019 Sportage GT-Line Front Wheel
The brakes behind the gorgeous 19-inch wheels delivered at any time sovereign.

When it came to power consumption, we expected a little more restraint due to the 48-volt system. But even with this model, manufacturer information is located in inaccessible spheres. We did not even have the mentioned 5.7 liters in our rake circle, in which after 30 kilometers of extremely defensive driving, the stationary and stationary six remained as a decimal place.

2019 Sportage Tank Flap
Tank Cover Left – As a mild hybrid, we expected slightly lower consumption.

We failed to achieve less than 6.1 liters in the savings test. In the third blend it was then 7.2 liters per 100 kilometers. Realistically, depending on driving style and outdoor temperatures of 6.8 to 9.7 liters, you should expect a 2.0 CRDI, including a 48-volt system. In ruthless full throttle, the diesel engine even approved 12.8 liters, but remained almost the entire 200 km / h range.

It is pleasing that the diesel clearly does not meet the temporary Euro 6d limit values ​​and can therefore in any case be considered future proof.

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Equipment, comfort and safety

Many assistive systems in the Korean SUV have now been expanded to an adaptive cruise control system with delay function. This manages the distance from the front man to the stop and can be reactivated by a gas command as soon as it is resumed. In practice, this worked like clockwise. Forward adjustment for driving distance was performed without turning operations.

Versatile Sportage Camera
Comprehensive camera review is top notch – The resolution is pretty mediocre.

Equally new is the 360-degree camera on the revamped Sportage. Resolving this, however, is a step back, as representation in the Schlierige is getting used to, even if it is less difficult.

Sportage rear signal
Unchanged – The taillights were also equipped with incandescent bulbs after face lift.

We were excited about the new LED headlamps, as the xenon lights of the previous model were able to convince the wide front – expectations were correspondingly high. In short: we were not disappointed. The light emitted turned out to be extremely bright and far-reaching. The fact that the space about two meters in front of the vehicle was not illuminated was unusual, but in practice it had no significant effect on the illumination.

Sportage 2019 automatic climate control
Löblich: Self-explanatory buttons and volume control knob on Sportage.

There are various benefits that have already convinced us of our predecessors in a positive state. There are three-stage seat heaters and steering wheel heating with their very fast and evenly heated surfaces. Even better, we found a three-stage seat ventilation, which had surprisingly high efficiency, even at high summer temperatures.

The seats themselves proved to be comfortable and unlimited for long distances. The center armrest, unfortunately, cannot be adjusted, but has been achieved due to its ergonomically mostly optimized positioning and the huge storage compartment below.

A typical Kia also proved to be a power tailgate with sensor function. The proximity sensor recognizes the key carrier and announces that the door will soon open electrically. Unfortunately, the sound signal cannot be turned off, so using the boot in the late hours, the surroundings can always acoustically participate.

Especially since the time frame between wheezing and opening in the practical test still takes too long, and electrically opening and closing the tailgate also requires a little too much time. Along the way, a double beep will sound if you open or close the tailgate just by pressing a button. We also missed the Verrieglungstaste at the door door.

Navi Sportage 2019
Pragmatically, the navigation system is great. The map view looks dusty.

Although the navigation system seems to be a bit outdated in terms of design, except for the low screen resolution compared to other systems, there is no relevant reason to criticize it properly.

Also, the JBL sound system was convincing and sound-driven at a solid level, allowing you to enjoy audiophiles in any genre you choose. Only at high levels did the boundaries then show up, especially in the heights of harmonic distortion.

Kia Sportage Wireless Charging Station
Remarkable: The inductive charging station at Sportage has always worked flawlessly.

The multifaceted connectivity and networking solution is also dominated by the new Kia Sportage, which now also boasts an expanded connected service space, which also displays car parks and gas stations in the area, including current fuel prices.

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Variants and prices for Kia Sportage 2019

Also from the facelift of an SUV there are six lines of equipment:

Sportage GT-Line diagonally back left
Like the GT-Line, Sportage already has very good factory equipment.

With the largest diesel and all the options available, you can get a final price of 45,800 euros, which, given the wealth of equipment and in direct comparison with its competitors, is again almost cheap.

As with all other Kia models, the Kia Sportage comes standard with a 7-year warranty.

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Conclusion – Sportage 2.0

This facelift has made the Kia Sportage good in many ways. With its diesel hybrid system, it is ready for all its achievements and should be able to hesitate with skeptics about buying diesel. Optically refreshed and technically optimized, it can easily compete with competitors again.

2019 Kia Sportage in the field
Compared to the competition – Sportage is again mixed with the fresh front.

In our test, the SUV was able to achieve sovereign appearance and safety, not least thanks to AWD. Technically speaking, the Korean is warm-blooded and meets almost every need of today's driver and passenger. Kia is an unrivaled 7-year warranty in this case.

Light cuts, however, must be made in terms of consumption, if a sporty driving style is used. The high-priced starting price for the tried-and-tested GT-Line and other advanced equipment lines faces an almost fully equipped mid-size SUV, which is ideal for smaller families, recreational athletes and SUV enthusiasts alike.

Larger families and people with a particularly large footprint should take an alternative look at the Kia Sorento.

Text / photos: NewCarz

Camera: Canon EOS 6D

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Specifications: Kia Sportage 2.0 CRDi 185 AWD GT-Line
Color: Blue flame metallic
Length x Breadth x Height (m): 4.50 x 1.86 (without outside mirror) x 1.64
Wheelbase in mm: 2.670
Drive: four-cylinder turbo diesel plus 48-volt mild hybrid system
Power: 136 kW (185 hp) at 4,000 rpm
Displacement: 1,995 ccm
Maximum torque: 400 Nm at 1,750 rpm
Transmission: 8-speed automatic
Drive: four-wheel drive
Consumption in combination (NEDC standard): 5.7 L / 100 km
Average consumption (NewCarz): 7.2 L / 100 km
CO2 (manufacturer's information): 149 g / km
Emission standard: Temp. Euro 6d
Top speed: 201 km / h
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h: 9.5 sec
Luggage compartment: 439 to 1,428 liters
Weight: 1.747 kg
Turning circle: 11 m
Ground: 172 mm
Front / rear tilt angle: 16.8 ° / 26.1 °
Ramp angle: 17.3 °
Trailer brake load up to 12%: 1,900 kg (depending on equipment up to 2,200 kg)
Vertical load: 100 kg
Fuel tank: 55 liters
AdBlue tank: 14 liters
Fuel Type: Diesel
Original price of the test car: around 45,000 euros (starting Sportage price of 22,490 euros)

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