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Laser Hair Removal: Benefits and How It Works

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Laser Hair Removal: Benefits and How It Works

Under laser hair removal or laserepilation man understands laser hair removal. The purpose and purpose of this treatment is the sustainable removal of irritating hair from the body. In doing so, hair is generally treated with laser pulses.

Laser work with Wrmeentwicklung and tighten hair follicles; This prevents it from growing again. Modern lasers with integrated cooling systems prevent possible pigmentation or burns.

Principle of operation of hair removal laser

For a long time, the laser method has proven to be a permanent hair removal tool. In fact, this technique works by doing the trick: light pulses they are sent to the affected areas of the skin.

These rays of light penetrate the hair to the root of the hair. The follicle contains pigment melanin that transmits laser light to surrounding cells; they in turn convert it to thermal energy.

The energies are converted to heat. In this case, a temperature of about 70 degrees Celsius is reached, with the cells being destroyed in a sustainable manner and no longer able to supply the hair – the existing hair deposit. the new one cannot be reused.

Who offers laserpylation?

Laserepilationen be of

durchgefhrt. It is often used powerful laser diode deviceswhich guarantee long hair removal.

The intensity of the laser light exactly matches the skin type and condition of the hair. The treatment does not hurt, at the very least, the slight jerking it feels. Laser light illuminates practically root hair and hair. If subsequently the little hills not a cause for concern, but a sign of efficiency.

Areas of application: Use of laser treatments

Laser treatments are used in medicine for various purposes, for example to treat impaired vision. Lasers etc. are used in dermatology, etc. are used to remove stains or stains and to remove hair.

Laser hair removal or laser hair removal is mainly done in cosmetics and is used to remove irritating hair on the body. Special wavelength lasers are used.

Laser hair removal is offered in a number of specialist practices. Laser hair removal is usually required several sessions, which also depends on:

  1. the area of ​​the body
  2. the area being treated

What Hair Laser Can You Remove From Your Body?

The method is particularly effective dark hearing, Lasers work more precisely when contrasts exist. This is why dark hair on very light skin is considered perfect.

During laser hair removal can basically everything Body hair is permanently removed. Laser hair removal is most common in the area of ​​the legs.

However, underarm hair or pubic hair can also be removed with a laser. Men can also remove hair on the chest and back. Women who have a slight hairiness above the upper lip (the so-called lady's chin) can also get them laser hair removal within minutes remove it

What types of hair are not suitable for laser hair removal?

As mentioned before, the laser can be used to remove dark hair. in white, gray or blond hair There is a problem that they contain little or no color melanin so that light cannot be absorbed.

also dark skin not suitable for laser hair removal. In this case, the laser light does not reach the root of the hair, but is absorbed on the surface of the skin. This can result in burns.

And they finally prove themselves very thin hair or down hair as problematic. This cannot be detected by a laser.

Laser Hair Removal Preparation: Sunbathing, Hair Length and Co.

You should pay attention to several points before laser treatment. For laser light to reach the root of the hair, the skin does not need to be used unnecessarily, because the brighter it is, the lighter the light into it. That's right, give up sunbathing and sunbathing three to four weeks before the meeting.

With that said, the hair should Epilation, cork or waxed, at least two weeks before waxing be. The laser needs a light guide, and it is visible in the hair. That's the way it should be it is not bleached or bleached be.

Shave appropriate skin area the day before treatment: maximum 0.5 mm length should be hair; otherwise, light energy already evaporates on the skin.

Pain in laser hair removal?

You do not have to worry about pain when using a laser for hair removal. Are you especially sensitive to pain, you should contact your doctor first.

How is laser hair removal done?

The skin is cooled in advance so that only minor pain, such as, occurs during the treatment small stings anfhlen. Local Betubung is not required for laser hair removal.

After that, the laser or light beam is directed to the hair, which transmits energy to its root. Thus, the root supply is verdant and the nutrients can no longer be transported by the body.

The hair soon dies and at this point cannot be expanded again. To enhance the effect, a gel is additionally applied to the treated areas.

Laser equipment used for hair removal: diode lasers, ruby ​​lasers and co.

To treat with Xenon lights One application destroys significantly more hair roots than another laser because light is used like sheet metal. For the treatment of dark hair there are ruby laser as it can very well absorb the pigment melanin in brown and black hair. Among other laser devices Alexandrite laser as well as diode laser.

The difference between laser hair removal and laser IPL

One form of laser hair removal is IPL hair removal Intense pulsating light The method uses the entire Light Broadband Spectrum One Adaptation to skin and hair type it is possible through filters.

This is also a difference from conventional laser waxing: this works with fixed wavelengths. With IPL hair removal, the wavelength can be adjusted, allowing wider use of weaving.

Duration of treatment and cost of laser hair removal

Treatment takes different times. It depends on which area of ​​the body to wax. In part, this only takes few minutesIf there are many hair follicles, eg on the feet it is the case, so can the treatment a few hours take.

Laser treatments are happening five to ten treatments at intervals of four to ten weeks This is necessary because all the hair is never in the growth phase at the same time (only about 20 to 30 percent), and it must be so that it can be deactivated. Price for a professional laser session is from 50 to 500 euros. In the meantime, there are also good self-contained lasers.

Risks and subsequent care of laser hair removal

Possible after the effects of laser hair removal small changes in pigment or Hautrtungen be but disappear after a few days.

You should avoid direct sunlight and sunbathing at first. As the skin regenerates faster, proper lotions and ointments can be applied.