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Magdeburg scientist advises thriller author

Magdeburg scientist advises thriller author

In the third part of the novel series, Jenny Aaron hopes for a new therapy that will bring her back. She is assisted in this by Professor Thomas Reimer, who has already cared for a police woman in past trilogy work. Both the professor and the new treatment option do exist. Professor Reimer's alter ego is a Magdeburg psychologist and brain researcher, prof. Bernhard Sabel. He has developed new therapies for visual impairment or partial blindness. In a holistic approach, microcurrent and stress reduction measures such as relaxation methods and psychotherapy treatment are applied.

"New treatment options for vision improvement could help more than 100 million people who suffer from partial blindness worldwide," explains Prof. Sabel. The focus is on how the brain can help the eye see even if nerve tissue is damaged. According to the scientific principle of activating inactive neurons and neuroplasticity, it is possible to modulate brain functions to partially repair vision loss, the researcher said. His techniques focus on using the brain's natural power to amplify the visual signal transmitted from the eye to the brain and process it there. For example, according to prof. Sabela, the visually impaired could see better again.

The collaboration between Professor Bernhard Sabel and Andreas Pflüger, who also wrote the "crime scene" scenarios, appeared in the Suhrkamp-Verlag online magazine, a conversation between the two. The second part will follow on August 20, 2019.

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