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Psycho-Diet: With this simple trick, the pounds are melting in no time – without giving up

Lose weight in the long run and don't your mere thought power sound like an effective diet for you? We'll explain why a psycho diet can really make a difference.

Over and over, new miracle diets or crash remedies that promise us the dream character in record time are jumping out of the ground. What do many of them have in common? Once we get back to our original eating habits, we will return the pounds by the ribs in no time – a yo-yo effect occurs, Of course we not only allow it to sit on us, but we seek a methodology that promises long-term success, as well as our well-being and mood should significantly improve. We're upstairs A psycho-diet was observed in which the kilograms melted without sacrificing duration. You will now learn how diet works and what benefits it has.

In the long run, reduce your psycho diet without giving up

The experts not only realized that, first of all, we want to eat food when we feel bad, should stress be felt, cortisol is released. The hormone responsible for creating visceral fat in our abdominal area, which not only looks ugly but also poses a threat to our health. That the body accumulates fat as soon as we feel stress can be traced to evolution and the fact that it wants to protect itself from bad times. For these reasons, I can A healthy, relaxed and happy psyche certainly helps us to eat less and thus lose weight, we run away from dissatisfaction with our figure and see long-term successes. The so-called psycho-diet goes much further …

The Nutrition Principle, based on Lillian and Leonard Pearson of Chicago, Our food is divided into two areas – buzzing and waving products. Mayors are the ones we need for a balanced diet and provide our body with important nutrients. On the other hand, waving products are named after advertisements and packaging, which draw attention to food and cause desire. Everyone who follows a psycho-diet, the latter at first, thinks only of the power of his diet, because a healthy, balanced diet, in which one focuses on one's needs, is the goal. The recommended psycho-diet length is about ten weeks. Another positive effect besides weight loss: Often, eating behavior continues despite the discontinuation of the weight loss method in daily life, so that the number of cravings is maintained without much effort and you do not have to be afraid of the yo-yo effect … 🙏🏼

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