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She is stuck in the net against feminists

Bonnie Strange has over 860,000 Instagram fans, but there are followers among them who disapprove of their actions. So she is currently facing a charge of being a sexist – because she painted a penis made of sunscreen.

Bonnie Strange loves to paint penises

Bonnie Strange immediately responds to a provocative Instagram post: She hugs one of her little girls, who is naked in the camera. A penis sunblock is painted on it. "Today I learned that it was sexist to paint a penis with sunscreen on my body as a woman," the influencer explains below her image. She would like to use this motif ever since she uses sunscreen because it's so easy to paint.

Til Schweiger

Emotional words to ex-wife Dana

On Instagram, Til Schweiger sends his ex-wife a Day greetings with a souvenir photo.

© Brigitte / Gala

It says, "I paint penises on my skin, on dirty car windows, on blurred mirrors, or even on the beach sand – just for fun." But now a message has arrived in her mail explaining that she should not do so in 2019.

Same shit as AfD

The person even compared their sunscreens to swastikas "and so I really wouldn't be anything more than a racist and just shit like AfD Wow, I love 2019!" (Original quote), she's mad. "And now I'm ready to open my eyes to that," she concludes from the post, realizing that there will be many reactions to these provocative words.

The background to the debate

Followers respond in two parts: On the one hand they celebrate verbal outburst, on the other, they are also critical in their opinion. The backdrop to the whole debate is their collaboration with the smoothie maker "True Fruits," which has often been noted in the past for politically incorrect advertisements.

In its latest social media campaign, the company promoted a smoothie called "Sun Creamie", which was also promoted with a picture of a woman's fluid on the penis shoulder. Slogan: "Summer, when are you finally celebrating your Cumback?" In her insta-stories, the influencer once again clearly states, "My current announcement is not an advertisement, but it really happened like this." I got a few absurdly angry messages after I liked the commercial because […] this ad struck me and my sense of humor.