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Sun cream done right: a little ABC sunblock

“Do you have any sunscreen?”, This question is probably known to each of us by the holiday pack. But what does SPF really say and what are the differences in consistency? For an effective sunblock, there are some essentials that you should not neglect. We tell you all about the best sunscreen, SPF and Co.

Before the sun

Generally, the right sunscreen: If you're already in the sun, it's actually too late. You always need the cream 30 minutes before the sunblock moves, make sure the skin is clear so that the sunblock can be well distributed. Cream especially on exposed areas such as shoulders and feet, noses, ears and even lips. Just a face cream that you shouldn't neglect. By the way, professional companies recommend two milligrams of sunscreen per square inch of skin surface. It is a spoon for the face or a good shot for the whole body.

What does the sun protection factor actually say?

The Sun Protection Factor (short LSF) indicates the factor that prolongs the skin's self-protection time, i.e. how many times longer you can stay in the sun without sunbathing. Self-care time in Europe is on average 5-15 minutes, depending on skin type. Kids only have five minutes of self-care. They always recommend high protection (SPF 30), adults at least SPF 20. Attention: In the mountains, you must use a sunscreen with a high sun protection factor (50+), such as La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL.

Sunblock, Sunblock or Sunscreen: What's the consistency for what?

Consistency does not distinguish sunscreen and is mostly a matter of taste. But creams and oils are especially suitable for dry and normal skin. For oily skin, a light liquid is recommended. Sun cosmetics brands such as Piz Buin, Lancaster or La Roche-Posay offer many consistencies.

After sunbathing

After sunbathing products moisturize the skin after sunbathing and help regenerate. Sun lengthening products, such as the Lancaster Tan Maximizer, further expand the range of tanning cosmetics.

and: Wrap sunscreen and enjoy the rest of the summer!