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Wohlfühlgewicht: How to Get Rid of Diet Compulsion and Intuitively Achieve Your Good Figure

Eat with pleasure, feel good all around you, and by the way, achieve your good weight with an expert Dr. Med. Mareike Awe.

Calorie counting, quitting, and dieting will lead to overweight and dissatisfaction in the long run. We are tormented by new fitness and nutrition trends to achieve a physical ideal that promises happiness and contentment. In the end, however, we get the opposite: always having new frustration and a sense of failure.

Dr. Mareike Awe knows all these feelings from her own past all too well. In her book, she supports you in trusting your body, thus finding your own feeling-free figure and maintaining it all your life.
You will learn the reasons why diet and starvation do not work, and you will learn the secret of people who have nothing to sacrifice and are lean again. With the help of four principles of intuitive eating and numerous self-reflection exercises, you will learn to relax without thinking and enjoy every bite – and get rid of your cravings and cravings.
The key to success is not what you eat – there is no forbidden food and this is what makes the young doctor's nutritional concept revolution:
It is not the food itself, but your inner attitude and your unconscious habits that make the crucial and long-term difference.
Because only when you are in tune with yourself and your body can you dissolve emotional hunger and work with your body in the long run, which, if you trust it, will find it your own sensibility.
Through mental training, you expose your beliefs about your confidence and your body that continue to prevent you from looking at yourself in the mirror. Because pleasure and well-being are the basis for your good weight, not the consequence.

Dr. Mareike Awe takes you into a number of emotional stories from her own life on the path to your personal weight and explains step by step what she has tried for herself and over 14,000 program participants.