Pills And Alcohol - Is Contraception Still Safe? 2

Pills And Alcohol – Is Contraception Still Safe?

It's small but effective: birth control pills are the safest way to prevent unwanted pregnancy. But what if a drug in your body satisfies alcohol?

Is their effect guaranteed at all? We explain how the pill works and what you should definitely remember when celebrating.

This is how the pill works

With a "pearl index" of a minimum of 0.1 to a maximum of 0.9, the pill is considered to be the safest contraceptive on the market.

The index, named after American biologist Raymond Pearl, indicates how effective or reliable the contraceptive method is. The lower the value, the safer the method.

The pills, taken daily, intervene in the female hormonal cycle, protecting her from unwanted pregnancy.

"Due to the estrogens and progestins found in the preparation, the concentration of the two hormones in the blood increases and the body fakes pregnancy and ovulation no longer occurs," explains a urology specialist. Axel-Jürg Potempa from Munich.

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