Why chocolate makes it really nice 2

Why chocolate makes it really nice

Did we know chocolate is beautiful! Finally, you can dismiss the concerns about calories and co. and focus on the essential and positive state of chocolate. The sweet plate is not only good for our psyche but also for our appearance.

Anti-inflammatory effect

Cocoa has an anti-inflammatory effect. With a daily cup of hot chocolate made from dark cocoa, you are doing something right with your immune system.

Chocolate against dry skin and hair

Cocoa beans contain essential nutrients, vitamins and many fatty acids that make our hair more supple and shiny. Cocoa butter or soap helps against dry skin and then feels soft like the bottom of a baby.

Ideal sun protection

Chocolate can also be used as a sunscreen. Cocoa repairs sun-damaged skin and helps build protection. To protect your skin from harmful UV radiation, dark chocolate with a high cocoa content should be taken. But beware: you can't do without sunscreen!

Support for wound healing

Researchers discovered cocoa substances in 2006 that actually support wound healing and help damaged skin recover. High cocoa products can be applied directly to the skin, helping to regenerate and moisturize irritated skin.

Everyday Myths – True or False

Does chocolate make you happy?

Cocoa as a killer against wrinkles

A 2015 American study found that polyphenols in chocolate soften wrinkles. Again, the greater the proportion of cocoa in the product, the better the effect. The skin ages so much slower and looks firmer. Chocolate can therefore serve as a great anti-aging agent.

Hi, orange peel

Cellulite chocolate? It works! Cocoa contains phytochemicals called flavonoids that help with blood flow and fat loss. If these two factors strengthen, cellulite is impaired. The recesses then become smoother and less visible.

That's how you get cellulite, and you can

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