Hamburg doctors put their diaries on the Internet 2

Hamburg doctors put their diaries on the Internet

Hamburg doctors want to put their calendars online in the future, so patients can get new online platform You can even choose appointments with your preferred doctor. This was announced by the president of the Compulsory Health Insurance Physicians Association (KV), Walter Plassmann, on CT's 100th anniversary on Saturday. Plassmann trained violently at the same time criticism in politics and took the federal minister of health Jens Spahn (CDU) to target. Spahn has submitted 17 laws in 17 months. Politics have increasingly trampled GPs. This went so far that the planning of new practices and the so-called freezing order threatened to be "nationalized".

Plassmann has already announced a new platform for naming Hamburg patients in Abendblatt. It will be available online at the beginning of next year, and then expanded further. Through this site, patients would also be directed to hospital appointments. At the same time, psychotherapists can negotiate and agree. This is currently considered particularly difficult, especially for patients who need immediate treatment, for example, with depression or burnout.

Are paid offers redundant?

President of the representative meeting, Dr. Ing. Dirk Heinrich, said Hamburg doctors were already demanding a new platform when there were no legal options at all. Nose and throat doctor Heinrich said surgeries should be taken away from appointment management and returned to medicine. The free KV platform will quickly have a utilization rate of 70 to 80 percent in patients. Therefore, existing and mostly paid offers would be redundant.

Henry also said, "We don't have to make a profit out of it, and we're not bats. It's what separates us from a commercial deal whose names I wouldn't even want to put in my mouth." Amazon and Google corporations have or develop.

Former senior physician Tschentscher responded with satisfaction

Mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD) was very pleased with these plans. Tschentscher told Abendblatt that he too flirted with the practice as a doctor. His path as a senior doctor at UKE has evolved differently. He himself would have booked appointments online, but above all, "Doctors need to spend more time on their actual work. I still remember my early days at UKE when, before treating patients, we had a long discussion about the proper form of x-rays air. "

Even older doctors like Peter Tschentscher should soon be released from the hospital to self-care. KV chief Plassmann has announced that he will also offer a service through a new online platform, which follows the assumption of practice. Plassmann said salaries or benefits are barely different between hospital doctors and private individuals today. And in working hours, many younger doctors, especially for many, are hardly an incentive to open the practice and risk self-employment. Plassmann said that if a doctor gives up the practice, CT can also step in as an operator until it finds a suitable successor.

About 5,000 doctors practice in Hamburg

Today, about 5,000 doctors in 3300 practices belonging to CV are working in Hamburg. Among them are established psychotherapists. Doctors and 400 CF staff make about € 1.3 billion a year.

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