"Feeling damn good": Cora Schumacher dares a whole new look 2

"Feeling damn good": Cora Schumacher dares a whole new look

Cologne –

Ever since she has been in public, she has been known for her long, blonde hair. They are trademarks of Core Schumacher. Neither the man, the relationship, nor the new life influenced her hairstyle. The 42-year-old loves her long mane.

So far, because now the blonde has done a short job of her hair. Or more accurately: Cora said goodbye to her extensions (German: Hair Extension). And the natural style is the former runner.

In her Instagram story, Cora Schumacher presented herself in a good mood and showed off her new hair, without extensions. She wrote, "Somehow, things annoy me. It costs time and expensive." But see for yourself, at the top of the video.

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By the end of June, by the way, Ralf Schumacher's ex-wife is single again. At least officially. Are you helping a new hairstyle find a partner? At least one radiates inner satisfaction that, also from the outside. And with her new look, the 42-year-old is clearly more than pleased.

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This was confirmed by the mother of an 18-year-old son on Instagram: "It feels really damn good. Relief." (Jba)