How Good Are Hyaluronic Ampoules? 2

How Good Are Hyaluronic Ampoules? with Ojesh: Our editorial team has been testing new anti-aging bottles for four weeks now. Here you will learn how the results turned out.

Gone are the days when we only apply Botox for wrinkle-free skin: Hyaluron ampoules are just as quick to remove and additionally give a great glow. With the tip of the skin the active ingredient is not a concern for our health. But are we an effective actually active ingredient? Our editorial team has tested new products from the initial Ojesh label, now available here.

Smooth skin with instant effect: Ojesh promise

Clear: For a radiant, firm complexion, the skin needs a lot of moisture. Hyaluron is the best active ingredient in anti-wrinkle and anti-aging Co. However, Ojesh relies on moisture enhancement and always uses short-chain hyaluronan in its ampoules. This means that a hyaluronan molecule can store up to 6000 (!) Times more water than a classic hyaluronan. Thus, the serum reaches the lowest layers of the skin and thus supports a long-lasting moisturizing effect.
Combined with the activation of herbal extracts, Ojesh enhances the production of collagen and hyaluronan moisture in the skin.
Ergbenis: radiant, smooth skin!

How Good Are Hyaluronic Ampoules? 3

That's how you do it

Depending on your needs, the ampoule can be used in the morning – as a refreshing blow after cleaning. Or as a regeneration boost in the evening before bed. And thanks to the instant effect, the bottles can be applied just before a meeting or party.
To do this, carefully open the ampoule, spread the serum on your palms and spread it evenly over your face, neck and décolletage. Allow it to settle well and then, as usual, skin with very routine personal care, for example, with day or night cream!

Editorial test: Luna tests a 7-day power set

How Good Are Hyaluronic Ampoules? 4

Although I am only 21 years old and still have no wrinkles, my skin often feels tired and dry in the morning. Lately I've also been experiencing stress-related impurities that I would like to repair for the holiday. In 8 days I am flying in the sun and would like to once again afford a small cosmetic blow to recover and lie fresh by the pool. Here is just OJESH – Classic Care lifting treatment! I will apply the 7-day drug before rest.

Since I am always on the move in the morning, I like to spend some time in the evening for a little while. After a daily, extensive makeup removal routine, I have always applied an Ojesh serum ampoule for the last 7 days. The product was great in my beauty routine to integrate. After applying the serum I watched the movie so it could work. Overnight, rich ingredients could penetrate my skin and develop my effect.

Effect after one day:
I was very surprised that the serum can be applied so great. Unlike other serums, the amount of content is ideal. I applied it all over my face, neck and décolletage. The content was neither too much nor too little.
Immediately after applying the product, my skin felt very nice, nourished and moisturized. The serum retracts very quickly without sticking uncomfortably or takes a few minutes to act. Later I noticed a nice, fresh glow that made me look super healthy and relaxed. The next morning, I still noticed that freshness and a great and relaxed start to the day.

Conclusion after 7 days:
The short-term effect is guaranteed! After day 7 my skin looks super healthy and glowing. The small impurities are gone, my skin is very smooth and even. I am really happy with the result and would do it spontaneously over and over again!

Second test: a 21-day Ramon treatment

I tested Ojesh's Classic Care lifting treatment for 21 days. According to Ojesh, a serum consisting of short-chain hyaluronic acid smoothes the skin and restores wrinkles. Since I don’t really fight wrinkles, I was interested in the next aspect. With Ojesh, redness and impurities such as pimples and blackheads can also be reduced – and that's exactly what I wanted to test.

After thoroughly cleansing my face, I applied an ampoule of hyaluronic acid evenly in the morning and evening and massaged it into my skin. After a week, the redness returned slightly and the impurities were much lower.

Conclusion after 21 days
Before using it I struggled with stains and redness. But now my skin has recovered and looks more even than before the test. In addition, my skin feels nice and soft because it is sufficiently moisturized. I will definitely continue to test Ojesh ampoules with hyaluronic acid.

How Good Are Hyaluronic Ampoules? 5

28 day cure with Janna

Janna has dedicated herself to the technique of beautiful beauty and refreshed the skin of Hyaluron ampoules for a full 28 days.

Your conclusion
Great result. I'm very excited about how refreshed and fresh my skin looks. I will do this over and over to give my skin the optimal moisture so it always looks so smooth, smooth and firm.

You will find out how she used Hyaluron ampoules and what she likes about drugs at her Dairy …