It's best not to fuck with Brunner Michelle 2

It's best not to fuck with Brunner Michelle

Sawdust Dust, Solid Handles and T-Shirts Edelweiss: It's a swing – women swing. More than 800 spectators gathered at Uezwil AG this cloudy Saturday to watch about 130 women and girls fighting in sawdust. The atmosphere is familiar, the terrain manageable. The contrast with men could not have been greater. Every three years, the Swiss Wrestling Festival puts Switzerland in a state of emergency: huge temporary arenas are built, SBB organizes special trains, and a budget of 20 to 30 million francs will be spent for successful entertainment.


Did you hear women swing?

Everything is different in Uezwil. "There are between five and seven women's swing festivals each year, depending on how successful the search for organizers is. It's not that easy, in part. The momentum of women is still not accepted by all," says Natalie Siffert, a spokeswoman for the Swiss Women's Wings Federation. This has been in existence since 1992, and yet surprisingly few Swiss people know that women do their national sport as well.

Women swing in secrecy

"Decades ago, swinging girls had to secretly train in the basement. Many fathers could not, under any circumstances, let their daughters into sawdust. That's why women practiced in secret," Siffert says. Fortunately, that has changed, women's swings are increasingly in the world's attention. Meanwhile, it happened that Schwingerinnen could train with men together and he should. “Each year, our association has about 10 to 15 new members. We are very pleased with this trend. "

While Natalie Siffert says she would like more viewers, the girls fight each other in three different sawdust circles. Blonde braids swirl in the air, practice quick grips, and finally a friendly handshake. "They invest a lot in their training. Competitions are just as attractive as men because women are technically not inferior," says Siffert. Only in the speed of force do men have a nose clearly, but this is the case in sports everywhere.

Family mood was appreciated

"Women are made for rocking. It takes a lot of training and above all a lot of passion. Obviously, there are some girls who enjoy rocking and then they should be allowed to exercise. "One young woman who has a passion for hoselupf is 21-year-old Michelle Brunner – or Brunner Michelle, as the vibrator circles say. Rocking sports give her confidence and make her brave, talk in 20 minutes (watch the video).

There are no women looking for stadiums with 56,000 spectators, such as this year's Swiss Federal Wrestling Festival or a prize pool worth about 800,000 francs. The family atmosphere is appreciated and too valuable to give up. But more visibility for the momentum of a woman is wanted by both Siffert and Brunner. "And finding someone to sponsor the winners' wreaths is no longer that difficult," says Siffert.

Bitter tears and a shining winner

As far as the rules are concerned, female rocking differs only minimally from the male "gut". After all, the wheel doesn’t need to be re-invented, Siffert says. The biggest difference is the annual ranking. The Swinging Queen is not the one who wins the annual Swiss Swinging Festival, but who achieves the best results all season long. This Saturday, when some raindrops fall, Brunner Michelle is the winner.

In the final wrestling, which all spectators watched in fascination, she manages to push her opponent to the ground after exciting minutes. Emotions are clearly noticeable, so run into shedding immediately bitter tears. Michelle slapped the sawdust from her Edelweiss T-shirt with a comforting gesture. Then he rises as the winner in the air. After being given the microphone, she thanks those who allow her to relive her great passion in this context – as a woman who was not as natural as she seems today in Uezwil. Brunner Michelle Beams.