"Therapy or sexual harassment?" 2

"Therapy or sexual harassment?"

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The district court is negotiating a medical massage case, which could also be rape.

During a massage in October 2018, Ms. N. asked her physical therapist during the massage, "Is this therapy or some kind of sexual harassment?" The prosecution's preliminary response makes the massage the subject of a jury: It was rape.

It is a very special case to be heard on Monday morning in District Court. Several rooms were further negotiated by the district court against the 32-year-old, who offered the 25-year-old cookie to take her home – but instead took her to a hotel where they forced her to intercourse. This case, as in such Usus cases, was negotiated on camera.

The massage case sounds like a different league case. The defendant is now a fearless 55-year-old physical therapist A. He is said to have put in a questionable massage for 41-year-old Mrs. N., who has been treating him since 2011 with problems with his back, "exploiting the element of surprise" with two fingers in her vagina. immediately regretted, says N., A. claimed that there was a misunderstanding here and that if he touched on her immorality, he did so without intent. He apologized several times.

The incident with Mrs. A. left no lasting damage, which is a correct opinion, though, they do not have to deal with it. In the courts of Frankfurt almost every day there are cases of sexual assault and coercion, which are far more brutal and pernicious to the victims. Transitions are taking place in the crimes summarized by the legislature in paragraph 177 of the Criminal Code under "Sexual abuse, sexual assault, rape". The sentence starts there with at least six months in prison. According to the Criminal Code, the limit of rape is exceeded if "the perpetrator cooperates with the victim … or performs similar sexual acts with the victim …, especially if they are related to a rape". In this case, the minimum term of imprisonment is at least two years.

So there are a lot of roles for A. and words like "I have a wife and two kids, I would never do that" don't do much because there are too many convicted rapists who believed in their status As a family man, the court will move on to an acquittal. A. says he may have accidentally touched Mrs. N., who was known to him as a patient and neighbor, in an intimate position, but there was no question of intrusion. That his patients had to get naked for a back massage was bare, A. says, he learned that in his education and so far no one has complained.

But even A.'s defense attorney admits that N. probably didn't make up the whole story freely – it's probably a classic "misunderstanding". Unlike Caus Kachelmann, who was also negotiated in Frankfurt years ago, the possibility that a woman may want to seek revenge on a man with fabricated rape charges for any reason can be ruled out.

It is one of those cases where statements contradict the statement – and there are no indications that the allegations could substantiate or rebut. Also, the public is not excluded – for example, the defendant's wife is watching the trial from the viewpoint. But, as in any rape proceeding in which the defendant is not obvious, the victim here remains unavailable for seemingly endless answers to repeated questions, most of which fall into an awkward or embarrassing category. Mrs. N. constantly has to wonder why she reported the incident just a month later and after intensive consultations with her husband and gynecologist. Anyone who has ever faced a rape trial knows why many victims think well about the move.

The process continues.