Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, heart attack: The bacterium is to blame for all these diseases 2

Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, heart attack: The bacterium is to blame for all these diseases

Alzheimer's, diabetes and co. because of poor oral hygiene? The bacterium that causes periodontitis can also be responsible for common diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, diabetes and heart attacks. The American pharmaceutical corporation Cortexyme in San Francisco, California is currently testing a drug that will stop Alzheimer's disease, as reported by wize life.

Small germs cause changes in the organs

Using the latest DNA models, researchers have now been able to detect a specific germ at various centers of disease in the body: The microorganism is already known from the microbe "Porphyromonas gingivalis" Inflammation of the gums, jaw and periodontal.

In narrowed coronary vessels, in the brain of an Alzheimer's patient, diabetics, colon cancer, inflamed joints, and mothers with preterm birth: A rod-shaped bacterium 100 times smaller than the diameter of a hair could now be detected everywhere.

Recent research provides reason for hope

International research confirms this observation according to the picture. In over 90 percent of the brain of deceased Alzheimer's patients as well as those living in cerebrospinal fluid, researchers from the US, Australia and Poland found the pathogen mentioned.

Microbiologist and study author Jan Potemka refers to one thing Associated with many chronic inflammatory diseases – in Alzheimer's disease, but you should be together to prove that the microbe can cause the disease.

Tests: The pathogen enters the bloodstream through the oral cavity

In one test, the oral cavity of mice was infected with a bacterium, after which the germ migrated to the brain causing Alzheimer's damage.

The principle also works with people: Minor injuries when eating, brushing, or pampering cause the microbe to enter the bloodstream.

According to Professor Thomas Kocher, director of the Dental Retention Clinic, periodontics, endodontics at Greifswald University, over 14 percent of 40-year-olds and as many as 40 percent of 70-year-olds suffer from periodontitis caused by "Porphyromonas gingivalis".

Prevention by regular cleaning of teeth

good oral hygiene is essential for fighting bacteria. Toothbrush or interdental brushes also play an important role in addition to the toothbrush. In Kocher's opinion, regular cleaning of interdental spaces significantly reduces the number of germs. In diabetic patients, blood sugar levels dropped after periodontal treatment.

However, there are many dental care products on the market that often promise too much: What is a toothpaste eco-test?

The newly acquired knowledge opens up new avenues for researchers in this case: they are now working on a vaccine. In addition, it was successfully tried, the Bacteria with blue light fightsaid immunologist Caroline Genco of Tufts University, Massachusetts, a Porphyromonas germ expert, BamS.

The drug currently being tested by the drug manufacturer Cortexyme should block the toxinwhich is created from the bacteria Porphyromonas. If successful, it could be a crucial step in the fight against Alzheimer's.