That's why Bavaria builds on Cuisance 2

That's why Bavaria builds on Cuisance

With the commitment of Michael Cuisance, Bayern has further upgraded its midfield.

In his official introduction, the 20-year-old is confident. On the other hand, the Frenchman does not want to comment on the background noise surrounding his departure from Borussia Mönchengladbach.

Bayern sports director Hasan Salihamidzic cheers for midfielder midfielder skills. Press Conference with Cuisance and Salihamidzic to read in a checkmark:

+++ photo at the end +++

Finally, Cuisance introduces its new jersey number eleven.

+++ Salihamidzic on the talents of +++

"The guys are training with the pros. They have a chance, just like the rest of the players. We are basically on the right track. Our coaching staff will work hard with them and we will get them from Bayern's future. As far as financial matters go, we need to get to know the young players in order survivors. "

+++ Salihamidzic on background noise from Gladbach +++

"I really can't comment on that. We talked a lot with each other, including his advisor Max Eberl. He was very good in the negotiations. We are glad Michael is with us now and we are confident in his abilities."

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+++ Salihamidzic on Coutin ++ ++

"The last decision is made by the coach. It's healthy, you saw that," Salihamidzic says of Coutinho's possible debut at Schalke.

+++ Cuisance about your goals +++

"My personal goals are hard work and I'm doing everything I can to reach the team goals."

Cooking on his role model +++

"There are a lot of good midfielders in France. Zinédine Zidane stands out."

+++ Salihamidzic on Squad +++

"I can say then that we are very pleased with the high caliber we have brought to Bayern. The team is very competitive in the international market and I am very optimistic that we will go very far in all three competitions."

+++ Cuisance about its glorious ending +++

I played there for two years, now FC Bayern is my club and every day I will train hard to play there. "

+++ Salihamidzic on Sanches +++

"Renato had three missions at the beginning of the season, so I didn't really understand what he was saying. In the transfer market, we will open all options by September 2. I don't want to say more about that today."

+++ Cuisance confident +++

"The first season in Gladbach was very good, the second was a little difficult, but I overcame and got my confidence out of the car for France."

+++ Salihamidzic praises Cuisance +++

"He was a player of the season at Gladbach in the first season and showed that he can prevail in the Bundesliga. He has a great mentality, is brave and has no problems under pressure. And here he has a healthy self-confidence at the execution at Bayern Munich."

+++ Cuisance about their first workout +++

"I was not shocked. I am delighted to be able to play with such great players and develop here," said Cuisance, who received a free jersey from Coach Kovac during a coaching match.

+++ Salihamidžić wild +++

"He's a player we've watched for two years. He played all the U-teams in France, from U17 to U20. We always tried to get him to Bayern, but that didn't work when we got the signals. We got in touch and we're glad that we managed to get him, he can play all positions in the midfield, he is a very creative player, he has a very good left foot, there is really music He does not feel the pressure, I am sure we will really please him. "

+++ Cuisance starts in German +++

"I'm very happy to be in Bayern Munich, that's it," Cuisance says in German, bringing some laughter to the press room.

+++ +++ is starting now

In the press room on Säbener Straße, Cuisance and sports director Hasan Salihamidzic answer media questions.

+++ debut against Schalke? +++

Cuisance, like star of new signing Philippe Coutinho on Saturday (6.30pm at LIVETICKER) in the Bundesliga away game at FC Schalke 04 celebrates his debut for Munich.

+++ Long-term contract for Cuisance +++

The central German midfielder has signed a five-year contract with the German record champions until June 30, 2024. "I know this is a very big step for me, but I feel ready and very proud to wear an FC Bayern jersey in the future." Cuisance explained after his commitment.