Why Waldviertel is Made for Health Holidays 2

Why Waldviertel is Made for Health Holidays

Why Waldviertel is Made for Health Holidays 3

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Fresh forest air, colorful deciduous trees, meadows, fields, ponds. In the tranquility of nature, local economies specialize in mental and physical well-being.

The spectrum ranges from prevention and rehabilitation through cardiovascular competence and emphasis on the spine to specialization in mental health. Nature and modern as well as therapeutic medicine are located in Waldviertel. Get to know the best healthcare companies in the region and be sure that the daily noise in bird song will fail.

Moorheilbad Harbach: A Healthier Lifestyle for More Joy

Our patients receive tips and tools to regularly incorporate exercise and mental recovery into their daily lives.

Dr prim. Johannes Püspök, medical director of Moorheilbad Harbach

Moorbad Bad Großpertholz: Active substances from 12,000 years are located here

These are the people who make special places memorable. People like this powerful nature: down-to-earth, honest, warm-hearted, immediate and charming.

Dr. Edmund Kitzler, Managing Director of Moorbad Bad Großertholz | about the team

The Spa Hotel Moorbad Bad Großpertholz uses the Waldviertler Heilmoor: an anti-inflammatory and analgesic used to treat joint pain, rheumatism and other disorders of the musculoskeletal system. In addition, individually tailored therapies and a wide range of recreational and recreational activities make your health stay so relaxing.

Why Waldviertel is Made for Health Holidays 4

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Your heart is in good hands at the Cardiovascular Center Groß Gerungs

In our thinking and action, the focal point is the focal point.

Prim Univ. Dr. Doz. Sebastian Globits, Medical Director of the Cardiovascular Center Groß Gerungs

Groß Gerungs of Waldviertel specializes in heart issues with a competent cardiac health center. Whether after a heart attack, after bypass surgery, or for prevention: Patients receive individualized treatment plans that take into account not only physical aspects but also psychological and social factors. So they remain wholeheartedly xund.

Health, art and leisure at the Leonardo Spa Hotel

We seek the wholeness of body, mind and soul. We listen. We ask exactly. We restore color to your body by glowing on the inside.

The philosophy of the Leonardo Spa

Kurhotel Leonardo is a magnificent image of the Waldviertel health culture. Like the artist DaVinci, the team of experts wants to bring the most beautiful colors into the soul of people. The house is dedicated to treating the musculoskeletal system and has developed a special therapy program for patients with herniated discs.

Why Waldviertel is Made for Health Holidays 5

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Head up! Lebens.Resort Ottenschlag takes care of your mental health

The balance of body, mind and soul is the best protection against premature performance degradation and loss of health. The best way to do this is to live a healthy lifestyle.

Dr prim. Johannes Püspök, Medical Director of Lebens.Resort Ottenschlag

Sometimes our mental well-being or our metabolism goes out of balance. The Lebens.Resort Ottenschlag team specializes in helping people who have burnout, depression or anxiety to look forward to life. Holistic healing methods, the recreational value of the Waldviertel nature and a sense of good home ambience make Ottenschlag the best address for spiritual well-being.

Klosterberg: fasting and hiking in a natural paradise

Fasting is the freedom not to follow every urge.

Karl Laister, Klosterberg Health Hotel

Fasting is more than just eating. It cleanses the body and mind, slows and relieves stress. At the Klosterberg Health Hotel, not only will you be accompanied during this cleaning process, you will also benefit from holistic health care. Located in the heart of the romantic landscape of Waldviertel, this family-run hotel offers all the amenities of a 4 * hotel.

Wherever your health care takes you: the idyllic Waldviertel will convince you.

Why Waldviertel is Made for Health Holidays 6

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