It keeps your skin young 2

It keeps your skin young

Skin begins to age from the age of 25 – a natural process that no one escapes. Although wrinkles make the face exciting, many people want to escape from aging.

Skin needs moisture: So a good body lotion is a worthwhile purchase. Even moisturizing face cream is of great importance. But it does not have to come from aging from the very beginning. If you don't have wrinkles, you don't necessarily need anti-aging cream.

Anti-aging duo Retinol and collagen

If you can see wrinkles a little, you will find a wide selection of anti-aging products. Different products contain different ingredients, each with a different effect. Products containing retinol, the strongest form of Vitamin A, promote the growth of skin cells. Smoothing and fixing collagen products.

Sun protection prevents wrinkles from forming

As for everything: Use sunscreen! The easiest way is to apply a day cream with sun protection factor and you can start so relaxed throughout the day.

Two liters of water a day makes you young

The skin needs moisture from the inside to stay young. So, drink enough! One and a half to two liters per day is recommended. Why is this so important? The body is largely made up of water and needs constant replenishment to function properly. If you drink a lot, the skin stays clear and supple.

Sleep well and regularly

If you want to feel young, you should take your regular sleep routine to heart. If you don't get enough sleep at night, you should make up for it – afternoon naps aren't just for kids. Sleeping 20 minutes is often enough to recharge the batteries and restore calm to the body.

Care to the tips of the hair

Hair adds a lot to the look. Color and cutout play a big role, it may be helpful to ask your hairstylist for advice.

As for daily care, a good conditioner is a must. For even more thorough care, hair masks are especially good. You can make them yourself at home – with ingredients from the kitchen.

Three Hair Treatment Recipes to Make by Yourself

Spending a lot of money on special hair care is out today. Effective care ingredients are refrigerated at home.

Skin Fitness

Sport should be part of your daily routine. Reduces stress and ensures healthy skin that no longer requires dressing.

It's true that everyone – not just men – is training on weightlifting. This keeps your skin longer and you look younger.

Relaxation is part of everyday life

Relaxation is extremely important in a stressful everyday life. Meditation or yoga, long walks or regular sports – everyone should put together their own mix. It is important to know how to relax.

Balanced diet

A well balanced diet has many positive effects on our body. Certain foods even have a targeted effect as natural anti-aging products. Fruits like oranges contain a lot of Vitamin C. A vitamin that is very important for protecting cells.

Vitamin E is also of great importance to the body. He needs more in old age because the body produces less than that. It is found in sunflower and soybean oils. Like Vitamin C, it also has antioxidant activity, which means that cells are protected from so-called free radicals. Many joint diseases are triggered by inflammation in the joints, so an adequate supply of Vitamin C and E is important.