Style? Or just the street? 2

Style? Or just the street?

IIn summer, Paris is especially beautiful. Designers then showcase their haute couture collections for the upcoming season: endless dresses with a pink window show in July, organza embroidered flowers, meter-long chiffon clouds and the debut of Virginie Viard, Karl Lagerfeld's successors at Chanel.

Almost as exciting, though usually less extravagant, is on the streets of the French capital, where guests travel from one show to another: what are they really wearing?

German influencer Caro Daur wore a Valentino black dress, wearing gold jewelry. Sarah Harris, the fashion boss of Britain's Vogue, long gray hair casually falls over her wide sleeves. And Brune Buonomano of Italy wears sneakers and shorts, a matching blazer hanging lightly over her shoulders. Things get a little colorful with model and artist Jazzelle Zanaughtti, who sets bright colors in both clothing and make-up. And that the red dress fits wonderfully with the red hair, is proved by the Spanish actress Miranda Makaroff.

Street photographer Xandra M. Linsin captured for us these and other beautiful views on the streets of Paris. But now you need your opinion: Which look is the most beautiful? Click through and see if you are trending with your taste.