Eisenach poverty situations have been discussed with city councils 2

Eisenach poverty situations have been discussed with city councils

Eisenach poverty situations have been discussed with city councils 3

At the invitation of the Social City Department, representatives of the City Council and the Poverty Prevention Task Force met yesterday (August 22nd) at the Eisenach City Government. They discussed the Poverty Reduction Strategy and the measures built into it. As part of the workshop, approximately 30 participants produced the first list of priorities that measures should be implemented or implemented quickly. Among other things, discussion at the workshop revealed that, for example, the establishment of a digital quotation catalog, the establishment of a Youth Employment Agency and the Parent and Child Center (TheKiZ) should be used as the first measures in a city daycare center.

"We invite you to join us as experts in the process of developing a Poverty Reduction Strategy," said Welfare Officer Ingo Wachtmeister. The process was interrupted by local elections; now it is up to date to inform and discuss the order of the necessary measures. The Poverty Reduction Strategy is based on the 2017 Social Monitor and the 2018 Child and Youth Poverty Report published in 2018. In the Life Situation Report, as well as in the Poverty Reduction Strategy, the following six areas of action pay particular attention: family and social background, education and social participation, housing and social infrastructure, economic situation and labor market, health and prevention, migration and integration.

They include specific recommendations for action and measures to promote the family directly. In addition, the focus is on developing special funding opportunities for disadvantaged children and adolescents. With about 70 measures, a presentation "catalog" has finally been created. These are also measures that can be implemented in the sphere of activities of the municipality. Prior to the city council adopting a poverty-reduction strategy on September 10, city council members now had the opportunity to discuss proposed action recommendations and contribute to setting priorities. It was necessary to determine what measures were needed by the city of Eisenach to reduce inequalities or to actively take action on the lack of participation. "We are very aware that as a city we can only intervene to a very limited extent. But we want to do everything we can to avoid poverty, "said the sergeant. In the process, workshop participants received three points per action box for measures they deemed important and urgent.

The project team "Poverty Prevention", which has been following the project for three years, also participated in the vote. The steering group represented the city's central offices (including the Youth Office, the Office of Education, Social Services), the Job Center Eisenach and the City's Youth Ring. The City of Eisenach hired a Planning Coordinator in 2016 to implement the Poverty Prevention Directive. An "anti-poverty policy" aims to improve participation, participation and participation opportunities for residents to change their own circumstances. Accordingly, the task of poverty prevention is to build on the scope of maneuvering and tailor external assistance to it. The second phase of project financing was approved by the City Council and the funding agency and focused on the concrete implementation of the measures. +++ pm

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