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Huebner Foundation awards up to € 120,000 for rare children's registration studies …

The Huebner Foundation grants up to € 120,000 for registration studies on rare childhood diseases

Dr. Emil Alexander Huebner and the Wife Foundation are launching their new funding program: For the first time, they are writing a study funding study on rare childhood illnesses. According to the terms of the call, research grants of up to € 120,000 (€ 40,000 per year) are awarded for a maximum of three years.

The money will be used to generate new scientific breakthroughs on rare childhood diseases using registry data. Thoughtful, eg identification of new risk factors or prognosis, information on the effectiveness of therapies, but also basic health scientific information on the spread of disease or patient care. The invitation to tender will also support special assessments in existing registers and the creation of new registers.

The Foundation supports research centers with special expertise in rare childhood diseases. The project does not necessarily have to be affiliated with a children's clinic, and a key factor is integration into an active research environment.

You can apply for staff, material and travel expenses. Flat overhead costs are not assumed.

The decision criteria are primarily the originality of the question, the validity of the methodology, and an assessment of whether the set goals can be achieved within the required time.

Details of the application process can be found in the call for proposals. Applications will be received by October 20, 2019 exclusively by e-mail.

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