Bibi Claßen is testing a new hairstyle: Would you endure a pony? 2

Bibi Claßen is testing a new hairstyle: Would you endure a pony?

Will Bibi Claßen (26) change boyfriend soon? In recent years, the super successful YouTuberin has dared to do some beauty experiment. On top of that, Bibi's hair had to be believed very often – so the woman, Julian Claßen, 26, wore her mane in various blondes, in turquoise, blue, and even rainbow colors. But now little Lio's mom has tried something new: That's what Bibi would look like with a pony!

In it InstagramStory, the 26-year-old has now released a video in which she edited several shorter hairs beside her forehead so that they look like a real pony – Bibi looks totally changed! However, since the web beauty is not exactly sure what to make of this scene, she urged her subscribers to vote: "Would the pony stand for me – yes or no?" Concrete plans would really get that haircut, but they did not express themselves.

Among Bibi's current contributions are several comments that prompted the beauty to march straight to the hairdresser. What do you say: Would this really be a Bibi hairstyle? Votes in our poll below the article!

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Bibi Heinicke, YouTube star
Bibi Claßen, influencerInstagram / bibisbeautypalace

Bibi Claßen, influencer
YouTuberin Bibi Claßen, July 2019Instagram / bibisbeautypalace

YouTuberin Bibi Claßen, July 2019

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