Cortisol Diet: This weight loss strategy helps to remove fat from the abdomen 2

Cortisol Diet: This weight loss strategy helps to remove fat from the abdomen

Stress is responsible for tachycardia, irregular periods or sleep disorders, but it also promotes weight gain and a problematic zone of the abdomen. This is due to a certain hormone called cortisol, whose production is stimulated under tension. This is exactly what the new diet against cortisol is all about, which fights fattening hormones with healthy nutrients and melting stubborn belly fat.

This is how cortisol affects our weight

The scale shows more and more pounds and the button of your favorite jeans suddenly doesn't want to close anymore? This may not always be due to a lack of discipline with regard to nutrition and sports – The cause of weight gain may also be the stress hormone cortisol, which is released in tension from the adrenal cortex. Actually completely beneficial to our body because cortisol helps to be more effective in stressful, demanding situations. However, it becomes problematic when tension ceases and stress becomes a chronic burden. Then the body produces cortisol and there is a hormonal imbalance.

This can have physical and psychological consequences: Too much cortisol contributes to the development of heart disease, insomnia or difficulty concentrating, but it also affects the metabolism and fat burning negatively. Studies also show that uncontrolled stress is associated with more abdominal fat. This is due to the constantly elevated blood sugar level, which triggers the overproduction of insulin (the hormone that regulates blood sugar). And this is why the body stores excess calories as belly fat instead of burning them for energy. Not always Pizza, Schoki and Co. responsible for the growing problematic area, already an invisible cortisol level that is out of control.

Hormones in balance: the goal of the anti-cortisol diet

Weight loss under chronic stress? It is absolutely impossible, because then the hormones play crazy, paralyze metabolism and store more belly fat than they burn. This is where the cortisol diet plays out. As the name suggests, it should suppress the stress hormone and bring cortisol levels to balance. If the level drops, your metabolism and fat burning will normalize again and you can finally lose weight and work on a leaner waist.

This is how the anticortisol diet works

The cortisol diet is based on a balanced diet and nutrients that can specifically combat stress hormones. Here are some of the highlights:

Rule no. 1. Consume more vitamins D and B

Vitamin D acts as a protective shield against the hormone of cortisol fattening, as discovered by researchers at Queen Margaret University in Scotland. In one study, the effect of nutrients was closely examined. The result? Participants who consumed 50 μg of vitamin D daily significantly lowered blood pressure and cortisol levels in just two weeks. The reason: Vitamin D supports a healthy nervous system, which in turn helps us cope better with stress and is more relaxed and cortisol levels rise faster. Vitamin B12 has a similar effect and forms with Vitamin D a true duo for stress killers. Along the way, nutrients are found in foods such as oily fish, oysters, meat, butter, milk, eggs, sprouts, wrinkles, oatmeal and sweet potatoes. Because most of it is found in animal products, and many B12 vitamins are consumed under stress, it can also return to quality pharmaceutical supplements.

Rule no. 2: No sugar

Not only does the sugar thicken, it can accelerate the release of cortisol. This is why you should refrain from sweets during your diet – although chocolate and ice cream are sometimes the best reward for stress. Unfortunately, however, it is these snacks that trigger increased cortisol and adrenaline production due to increased blood sugar levels, which can last up to five hours.

Rule no. 3: Banning Caffeine

Sorry to all coffee lovers, but this is a taboo during the diet. Reason: Caffeine from energy drinks, espresso or cola stimulates the adrenal cortex which then releases more cortisol. Regular caffeine intake can double your levels and your hormone balance continues to erode. Better switch to a cup of hot tea. Although it may contain caffeine, but only a fraction compared to coffee; In addition, there is a special amino acid in the tea that is said to have a relaxing effect – L-theanine. The study confirms the effect already: According to scientists, the amino acid helps suppress cortisol production.

Rule no. 4: No unhealthy fats

French fries, chips and co. they are fatty foods that you should definitely avoid during your cortisol diet. Not only do they contain a lot of calories, they also contain unhealthy fatty acids (like trans fats) that negatively affect cholesterol levels. If this is increased, the cortisol level will also rise sharply as the stress hormone has the task of regulating cholesterol. So you can lose weight, so you should spread fried and finished goods and put it on healthy fats like omega-3 or omega-6. They are found in avocados, nuts, vegetable oils or high-fat fish.

Rule 5: Balanced diet

The anti-cortisol diet is not calorie intake or one-sided eating. It is much more important to bring the body into its natural balance and provide it with all the important nutrients. Proteins, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates that do not affect blood sugar levels (stuck in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc.) form the basis and are supplemented with an abundance of vitamins from fruits and fresh vegetables. So, you can make your diet according to your ideas, but you should be aware of healthy food choices and of course pay attention to the rules above.

Extra Tip: Looking for a stress balance

In addition to a healthy diet, it is in the diet against cortisol that it is in the interest of paying attention to his body and consciously reducing or avoiding stress. Because it not only helps you lose weight, it also increases your well-being. Whether it's a yoga class after work, a hot bath with aromatic oils, or a back massage – anything, try to find the balance between the tensions in your daily life, which helps you simply switch off. Sport is also the optimal killer of cortisol, because through movement we release the hormones of happiness, which in turn neutralize the stress hormones. And of course, exercise encourages fat burning and muscle building. The dream body gets so much closer to you.

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