Criticism on DVG: Economic promotion instead of health promotion relies on patient confidence ... 2

Criticism on DVG: Economic promotion instead of health promotion relies on patient confidence …

08/27/2019 09:30 AM

DVG Criticism: Economic promotion instead of health promotion puts patients' trust at risk

Joint Statement by the German Society for Psychology (DGP) and the German Society for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Psychosomatics and Neurology, eg (DGPPN), on the draft digital supply cabinet (DVG)

The DGPPN and DGP are stepping up to criticize the government's current "digital supply law" (DVG) draft with its current announcement to the Federal Council. In order to protect patients, it must be ensured that health applications supplement the medical treatment plan and comply with regulated evidence-based quality criteria. This is especially true of complex interventions for the treatment of mental disorders. A key point of criticism is that the bill does not require sufficient proof of effectiveness to compensate for digital health applications. This leads to an incentive system for the industry to develop cheaper products, regardless of their potential benefits. The long-established testing standards for evidence-based and safe medicines formulated by the DGPPN and DGP for digital health interventions in 2018 are completely ignored.
The DGPPN and DGP also strongly reject the Secretary of Health's intention to allow patients to use digital health applications without a doctor's or psychotherapist's prescription, only with the approval of the health insurance company.
Due to the current bill, the Minister of Health must therefore accept the accusations of pursuing particular economic interests. But at the expense of the solidarity community and patients, there should be no economic support. Although professional societies explicitly welcome the initiative of the Minister of Health to register digital health applications at the expense of compulsory health insurance. Only in this way can this important innovation reach the daily lives of patients. However, their confidence is high, it should not be compromised by a unilateral policy of interest.

In the current opinion of the DGPPN and the DGP:

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Quality Criteria (DGPPN / DGP) for Online Self-Governmental Interventions for the Prevention and Treatment of Mental Disorders: https: // …

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