District Office Health Day: Hoses in View 2

District Office Health Day: Hoses in View

District Office Health Day: Hoses in View 3

This is how it looks in the human gut: On the health day of September 15, a 5.50-meter-long walking hose model was installed.

Image: Petra Hartl

District Office Health Day: Hoses in View 4

Featured Program (from left) Harald Schmausßer (UGOM Medical Association), Director of Health Care Roland Brey, District Administrator Richard Reisinger and Irene Hug of the Office of Public Health.

Image: Hollederer, Christine

Health Day at the district office, organized by the health department and the Ärzteverbund Oberpfalz Mitte, has established itself as a fixture. It is traditionally held on the first Sunday after the start of school, this year on September 15, from 12 to 5 pm. The patron is Richard Reisinger County Administrator. The 5.5 meter long intestinal model clearly indicates the structure of this organ. Visitors will learn interesting facts about possible pathological changes in the gut, which can develop in colon cancer as well as in chronic bowel disease. Physicians Association with President Dr. Med. Harald Schmausßer again provides experts who provide explanations.

Gut health is also a focus at the UGOM (Doctors Network Health Oberpfalz Mitte) booth. There, visitors can fill out a short questionnaire and get advice. The health department offers, according to its director, Dr. Roland Brey first made a Mobee measurement to analyze the mobility of the cervical spine and muscles of the shoulder and neck.

Due to dementia week, it is important that organizer Irene Hug of the health department also make offers on this topic. In addition to the two lectures, there is more information at the booth of the Health Region Plus. The news is Fielmann with Sehmobil, the county's senior contact center and eco-model region with information on the health value of fruits and juices. At the stands of St. John's Hospital Anna Sulzbach-Rosenberg and St. Marien Amberg's visitors can measure blood sugar and blood pressure.

Popular in the public health department are mostly free tests (kidney test, hearing and eye test or vein examination). Health insurance and prevention are provided by health insurance companies, pharmacies, self-help groups, counseling centers, authorities, homes, outpatient clinics and Medbo day clinics (Upper Palatinate medical institutions) as well as dentists. The district fire company and the county construction office explain the operation of the smoke detectors. Verkehrswacht brings in a reaction test device, Kreisjugendring participates with a pocket wallet, a mobile field of experience is heard by the health department. From 1pm to 4.30pm the Maxl bus crew takes care of the small visitors. Joining is announced in Qi Gong, and the last training is AOK. The belly button is performed by oriental ladies.

St. Anna Sulzbach-Rosenberg offers warm dishes (hearty or sweet) as well as coffee and cake, while the Michel-Regens-Wagner Foundation also offers coffee and cakes as well as refined sandwiches. The quiz features the top prizes for winning a wellness weekend in Sibyllenbad.


Lecture program

13.30 to 14.00 "Colorectal cancer: early detection and screening": Vincent W. Wanji, MD, MD, Gastroenterology, St. John's Hospital Anna, Sulzbach-Rosenberg

14:15 to 14:45 "When Grandma Becomes Strange": Dr. Jens Trögner, Chief Medical Officer, Division of Internal Medicine III (Geriatrics and Early Rehabilitation), St. Marien Amberg

2.45 to 3.15 pm "Humor in old age: laughing at dementia": Georg Pilhofer, BSc (Social Worker), Gerontotherapist, Gerontopsychiatric Coordination Center Upper Palatinate

15:30 – 16:00 "Chronic Gastrointestinal Disorders – Irritable Bowel Syndrome Only": Privatdozent Dr. honey. Marc Dauer, Chief Physician, Division of Internal Medicine II (Gastroenterology), St. Marien.