Good precaution from head to toe 2

Good precaution from head to toe


A whole day devoted to health. Brötje offered this to his employees as part of "Health with Brötje Day". The staff had the opportunity to attend lectures and courses around the topic. The manufacturer of Rastede is organizing such a day for the fourth time, with positive feedback.

There were lots of offers: whether it was moving massage courses or motivational courses. The aim was to identify alternatives that could be easily integrated into daily life and contribute to well-being. All courses and lectures were well attended. Courses and lectures ranged from areas of "addiction prevention" to "coaching".

For example, the Workshop on Motivation Course – A Sustainable, Healthy Lifestyle answers questions such as: What does health mean and how can I be motivated for a healthy diet or exercise in the long run? Digitization has also become a problem. True to the motto "Equal Opportunities for All", the "Hello through Change" panel offered employees a way to better cope with the transformation of digitalization. Under the motto "occupational medicine 4.0", employees were taught what telemedicine devices and capabilities exist in disease prevention. There were also opportunities to check their vital signs.

In a "Healthy Dream – What Does It Mean?" Talk, guests were able to gain an idea of ​​how important recovery is and that sleep is one of the most important resources for health. Strengthens the immune system and prevents disease. Too little sleep causes an unbalanced psyche and leads to poor performance. Which leads to this and how to prevent too little of the sleep phase was also part of the lecture.

Lectures and courses were delivered by Heidrun Köllner (Relaxation and Psychological Counseling Exercise at St. Josef-Stift Health Center, Delmenhorst), Sonja Baringhorst (Ias Group), Hauke ​​Holm (Diakonisches Werk Oldenburg), Kai Scherf (Suitable for All) ), Petra Kickler (Physiotherapist and Osteopath), Wiebke Buchholz (Occupational Therapist) and Matthias Poppen (Rescue Service).