Great for good ideas 2

Great for good ideas

"This price is more than monetary gain. The Unfallkasse Rheinland-Pfalz Specialist Award is something very special. It fills us with pride and touches me very much." 2018 awards The Rheinland-Pfalz Unfallkasse has called for an awards ceremony in Andernach, with Kita Alsenborn second in the award ceremony, with a prize of 2,000 euros, according to the Southern Wine Route Youth Fire and State Hospital Rhineland-Palatinate Wilhelm-Remy High School Bendorf received a check of EUR 1,000 for third place, with special prices and EUR 500 each for their good ideas received by the Pirmasens City Administration and the State Office for Geodesy and Geobasinformation in Koblenz.

“We are pleased with you and congratulations on your successful concepts! Keep working on it, "said Manfred Breitbach, CEO of Unfallkasse Rheinland-Pfalz. On a good campaign basis, the kommommmensch talks about increasing alertness, boosting motivation and establishing safety and health as fixed values ​​- thus reducing the number of accidents. to the university, from the community to the Ministry, everyone is invited to participate in the Präventionpreis 2019 Unfallkasse with good suggestions for safety and health, "Breitbach appealed before jury members presented winners and winners presented their concepts and presented awards.

The evaluation criteria included innovation, sustainability, reaching the community and the region, as well as transferability to other businesses and educational institutions.

"We were very impressed with the holistic preventative concept of the Alsenborn Day Care Center," said Sissi Westrich of the Ministry of Education. Involvement and mindfulness are very important, the climate controls, which also makes the application clear. Whale-presenter Anna-Maria von Lauppert thanked her entire team for doing an excellent job of the kommmitmensch campaign task.

With the concept of Tea (m), time convinced a state hospital. Employees at government hospital sites regularly exchange information about workplace stress and work together to find solutions. “As a modern employer, the hospital focuses not only on patients but also employees,” jury member Dr. Karl-Heinz Frieden, executive director of the community and city community. This has a strong broad impact and high added value. Other hospitals will benefit from this in the future, said state hospital executive director Dr. Med. Gerald Gaß, for expressly thanking him for his public recognition of Unfallkasse.

Guests and the jury were also impressed with the safety concept that the jury convinced the juvenile fire company Südliche Weinstraße. "We want kids to be unhappy and fun to be active with," said Kreisjugendfeuerwehrwart Roland Götz, who introduced the concept of digital security.

"The issue of risk assessment is not necessarily a positive one. It's great that you took such exemplary care of the youth work of this topic. It makes me proud," rejoiced jury member Michael Klein, director general of the state fire association.

Wilhelm-Remy High School in Bendorf has set prevention on its driving schedule. "The measures and concepts that the school implements in terms of safety and health have become firmly established, with all teaching staff involved," said Ute Reif, a jury member and employee of Unfallkasse Prevention. "We are grateful for this award and recognition. But the real price is that it helps our students, ”said Principal Johannes Arnold.

For exemplary ideas, the State Office for Geodetic Data and Geospatial Information received a special award with its employee monitoring workshops and the concept of "mental health".

The Pirmasens city government also attracted attention and good grades with its concept for introducing a sports business. "A systematic way of integrating operational sports activities within a service contract was quickly found here," Dr. Med emphasized. Christoph Heidrich, Head of Prevention, in his commendable speech. Much joy to the President of the Staff Council Dunja Maurer, who has accepted the Pirmasens Award and would like to evaluate activities in the near future.

The enthusiasm was ensured by the musical accompaniment of the award ceremony not only to moderator Andreas Haupt, head of the prevention department and member of the jury.

The Geschwister-Scholl-Realschule plus Brass Orchestra in Andernach, led by Jörg Israel and Sandra Sänger, quickly got their fans on their side, with quirky street drummer and brass inserts.

After the preventative price before the prevention price. By the end of the year, facilities and businesses can submit health and safety proposals. More information at, Webcode 1237.


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