Interview: This is how the easylife method works! 2

Interview: This is how the easylife method works!

Nutritionist, M.Sc. Verena Dietmaier BA MBA provides insight into the weight loss method of easylife. He explains that you don't have to starve and lose weight without playing sports.

The causes of obesity are manifold. Can easylife always help?

Verena Dietmaier:

The causes of obesity can be misbehavior, mental health issues such as stress eating or genetic factors. However, many of our participants have ruined their metabolism in the true sense of the word with different one-sided diets.

Therefore, easylife analyzes metabolism and re-enhances it with a healthy, protein-rich diet. Our years of experience show that men and women lose weight regardless of their age. The advantage: no muscle mass is lost, only fat.

Some want to fit in a bikini, others are a lot overweight. For whom is easylife suitable?

Verena Dietmaier:

Every human being is different. And so each person has their own "feel good weight". So, it doesn’t matter if the goal is a particular dress size or summer figure. Therefore, we always determine our individual goal based on our personal starting situation and then make a detailed plan for implementation. The heart of the program is to activate the metabolism and work regardless of age and gender.

What about the authenticity of the easylife attendee photos?

Verena Dietmaier:

This is easily explained: participants are proud of their personal result and agreeto post pictures. Photos will be at the first consultation at Counseling centers, made by the nutritionists themselves. It's important to her are authentic. The "after" picture is also taken at the afterlife center Reaching the desired weight. It's all real, we don't want to embellish anything. the results just speak for yourself.