Real-time Raw Data Export: Flaconi flies to Webtrekk data streams

Berlin, August 27, 2019 – Flaconi, an online beauty destination, has selected data flows from Webtrek, the market leader in customer intelligence and marketing analytics software in Europe. In the future, Flaconi intends to process its raw data in real time, rather than in common groups. The leading online beauty platform plans to use Webtrekk data streams to create essential parameters of real-time online commerce, such as retrieved product data pages and page URLs. into internal analytics systems and enriched with appropriate predictions that will be sent to real-time marketing budget management tools.

Internet beauty destination Flaconi is one of the leading online perfumers. Its extensive portfolio consists of more than 700 international brands and 45,000 perfumes, care products, makeup, hair care and natural cosmetics. The online store has been awarded numerous awards.

"The modernization of our online business is based on big data-driven data that should be managed in real time, and our vision is to provide our customers with a personalized analytics and machine learning experience, as well as optimized automated marketing management enabled by data from real-time streams, "said Martin Nguyen, director of Business Intelligence & Analytics at Flacona.

Webtrekk Data Streams enables real-time capture, processing and streaming of data, making it the central building block of agile data and analytics architectures. Webtrekk thus provides the necessary infrastructure to set up and effectively merge enterprise-wide data processing processes into one centralized application. Innovative technology helps businesses manage digital business models through a consistent and consolidated flow of data. At the same time, batch processing, i.e. the occasional export of data in the regular cycle, is a thing of the past.

About Flaconi:
Internet beauty destination Flaconi is one of the leading online perfumers. Its extensive portfolio consists of more than 600 international brands and 40,000 perfumes, care, makeup, hair care, natural cosmetics and premium products. Flaconi was founded in 2011 and employs over 370 people at its headquarters in Berlin-Charlottenburg and at its Berlin-Marzahn logistics center. The online store has been honored with numerous awards and has been featured in Austria since the fall of 2018.

About Webtrekk:
Webtrekk is one of Europe's leading premium customer information platforms. The company supports Webtrekk in understanding and analyzing the behavior of users of websites and applications on a multichannel basis and in particular applying it in marketing activities. The tried-and-true first-party data offer helps customers achieve maximum data depth. Webtrekk guarantees the highest data protection standards and TÜV certification. Data storage takes place on servers in the European Union. The company is headquartered in Berlin, with branches in Italy and Spain. More than 400 Webtrekk customers include FlixBus, Porsche Holding, ING and MyToys. Webtrekk has been part of Mapp's marketing technology provider since 2019. See for more information.

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