Reith: Vernisation in "Stoffelhäusel" 2

Reith: Vernisation in "Stoffelhäusel"

Prof. Johannes Margreiter, Martin Reiter with artistsWirnsperger

Painting is like aging for the soul and for the students of the drawing and painting weeks at Professor Johannes Margreiter – a time of great creativity.

Reith It was again an exciting time for the students of the painting and drawing course July 24 to August 9 could experience. Since 2012, every year in St. Gertraudi under professional guidance Prof. Johannes Margreiter (Stamp painter and artist) and local Kundler "painted what he holds." This year, a (voluntary) theme appeared specifically addressing "Kaiser Max". For Professor Margreiter, however, it is important in his courses not to give binding guidance, and he says, "It's not about what I want, it's about what the students want – I support and help implement it." The artworks were created by painting and drawing weeks, presented to future artists on Friday, August 9, at a Outdoor Vernissage at Stoffelhäusl in St. Gertraud, probably the oldest and still preserved mining house on Reither Anger. And there was much to admire and admire – landscapes, animal paintings, portraits, … creativity was limitless. The unanimous opinion of many visitors was – it's beautiful in Stoffelhäusl!

The image becomes a seal

Another emphasis follows In early Octoberas all the pictures were numbered and interested visitors were invited to choose a personal favorite. The image with the most votes is then from Martin Reiter, the possessor, at "The Long Night of the Museum," October 5, at Stoffelhäusl presented and consequently a seal should be created from it.