Schwesigg's hairstyle, Lindner's muscles, Amthora's glasses and guinea pig 2

Schwesigg's hairstyle, Lindner's muscles, Amthora's glasses and guinea pig

Donald Trump’s hairstyle can be found so full of fervor truly disgusting, the mirror made the president’s scalp in the cover images already supernovae and smelly fingers. Strange associations may be, but perhaps still obvious, when one imagines the often sought-after "offensive weapon of democracy" in their journalistic genes.

Christian Lindner's pants in a recent television appearance with Anne Will may be considered too narrow, if you call Jan Böhmermann, you can even speculate if the FDP leader is now training with weights, if political television has burst on television and then spread on the Social Channel.

It would be even nicer if you didn't use every tool in the country that is completely out of your mind to harm any unpopular actors in any conceivable way! Böhmermann knew he used to do it more often, and now, of course, it wasn't Recep Tayip Erdogan, but Philipp Amthor, who was known to have knocked him down with cheap glasses in Böhmermann's joke.

Anyone who writes about Schwesigs hair goes too far

And, of course, there are limitations. If, for example, you are a regional media outlet like the Nordkurier once, even once a friendly post that Tagesschau viewers have already noticed (and are not negative!) That Prime Minister Manuel Schwesig (SPD) was at the Summer Interview that carried her hair, as she had not seen before, then alarmed the anti-discrimination Camarilla that only she had of her own kind.

Because if someone goes on TV and thinks about making their hair beautiful for the occasion, and then only someone looks at it and also notices and even talks about it (like many television viewers), then it's attention. " sexist Kackscheiße. "At least the Juso-Landesvorsitzende deputy in the MV, Felix Willer. And they suspect that our editors must have been drunk collectively painting."

He was supported by many other Jusos across the country, even with SPD influencer Lilly Blaudszun of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania saying she had to protect her prime minister as if it were a helpless and helpless splash of emotions.

Of course Manuela Schwesig did not. On the contrary, she is a strong personality who not only knows pretty well how business works, but also does a great deal to be close to the people of the country. Of course, this also means that you have to worry about performing in which round. It witnesses respect for voters and citizens when the Prime Minister struggles to meet people and opportunities. On the contrary, with benevolent contemplation this could be called a sign of care to register this revered effort.

The Juses were ecstatic

However, the young Juso people were barely calmed down and excited by the fact that the Nordkurier men would not write about new jacket and new hair and at that time they could not believe that he had done very well. Patrick Dahlemann, once SPD star now firmly established as secretary of state, has already received our media attention with a pair of very yellow trousers for conditions in Western Pomerania, but in the same proportion as usual: 95 percent politics, 5 percent Entertainment. when it sometimes comes 90:10. Citizens, readers, voters, and even politicians and journalists are not satisfied robots, but actually people with many interests.

In any case, when the soul of Juso cooks, he usually warms up for the Greens, and so Niklas Nienaß joins the hairy debate, and he is still a Member of the European Parliament, the only one from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, and therefore committed to the citizens of this country in a very special way. Somewhere between malice and arrogance, he filed his ironic claim on the networld, because if he does now, his recent beard loss was a message.

We discover: Yes! We would never do that in a woman, so to go right in appearance, but whoever asks it already deserves an answer: Old Niklas with a dark beard and bad mood Anton Hofreiters drops significantly against the new Niklas, which reminds you a lot of flattering protection by many Green Superior Sys media outlets. Robert Habeck. Niklas, this professional, has already thought of something.

When asked: A Nordkurier colleague actually drank some paint

What else is there to say? Oh yes: only one team member applied at an editorial conference upon request, stating that he had inhaled something similar to light at least once. But it's been a long time, and this editorial never writes about hair. The conference also discussed the reception of an annoyed colleague during a discussion on Twitter.

Outcome of the editorial conference: An obvious attempt to approach the language level of some of the discussants was judged to have failed as a whole. One-word replicas just can't get you closer to sexy lackey drunk Kackscheiße. A colleague wants to improve.

Many Nordkurier readers have clicked on the hairstyle article

Incidentally, the article about hairdresser-casting Manuela Schwesig was not only very often clicked by our readers, but many users also followed our link to the interview. And finally: In a field test, the author of these lines, who came out with a new haircut on Monday, to anyone who spoke to him, so please bother him with this sexist Kackscheiße and rather talk to him about the content. It came not so well. Maybe the internet is living a different kind than it is in real life. Funny, it was anyway.

And finally, a conciliatory offer: If you have read it by now, you can beat fresh guinea pig hair. Just email us at