Senior editor Elisa prefers to relax with a spa massage 2

Senior editor Elisa prefers to relax with a spa massage

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Senior editor Elisa prefers to relax with a spa massage

A good massage is a bit of a dream man – hardly anything makes you happier, and at the same time so difficult to get! I have had many treatments in my life: from Hamburg to London to Bali, I confidently went into the hands of experienced therapists to forget about my daily stress and get rid of stubborn tension. But most of the time I was disappointed – because with the perfect massage, everything has to be for me: a nice atmosphere where you can completely relax, a well-maintained room and a nice scent, enough peace and real movement. What I don't want in the treatment are annoying or embarrassing touches, a loud background noise or a masseuse who wants to talk to me. Unfortunately, everything has happened before.

However, one of the best experiences I have created in South Tyrol: At SILENA, also called "The Soulful Hotel", I relaxed with an 80-minute Freedom Massage (€ 134) that in every way exceeded my expectations. The interaction of live brands, granite stones and rich oak forests in combination with warm aromatic oil stimulates the circulation of the musculature, dissolves the slag and gives new energy – especially recommended for physically active people. Anyway, I felt like in paradise and I can recommend a 4 star hotel, including a spa, to anyone who wants to take a break and once they really want to switch off. One night in SILENA starts at around 130 €, while prices for Rooftop Suite start at around 230 €.

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