These make-up tricks make your pimples disappear 2

These make-up tricks make your pimples disappear


Do you always get nervous about pimples? After all, with these makeup tips you can make up how good the invisible is.

Most of us know this: you get up in the morning, look in the mirror and suddenly find it fatty pimples in the face. Plus, there are mostly hats around it larger than normal pores, which doesn't make things any better. With ours Makeup and grooming tricks Can you make your pimples disappear without having a pimp?

Moisturizing cream

Even if the temptation is so great: Do not push pimples around. Even the best concealer can do it afterwards inflammation lead, because expressed acne is just an open wound. better: Treat your stressed skin with one moisturizerwho tranquilizers contains. about Aloe vera – Helps, among other things, in healing wounds – or non-greasy ones Jojoba oil, which reduces inflammation.