TV chef Tim Mälzer is sure: Only with this recipe you download 2

TV chef Tim Mälzer is sure: Only with this recipe you download

Who wants to lose weight should not rush from diet to diet.

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If you want to lose weight, you're spoiled for choice: low carb, combining foods, weight watchers, etc. Why doesn't diet basically bring anything, TV chef Tim Mälzer knows.

TV chef and cookbook author Tim Mälzer is too fat. In the "food check" format, which ran as a recurrence in Good Stock Invest some time ago, doctors confirm the cookbook is overweight. On the show, Tim Mälzer worked not only on perfect nutrition but also on the right recipe for long-term weight loss.

Also TV chef Tim Mälzer in overweight

The topic of weight loss is on everyone's lips, because in Germany, about two-thirds of men and just under half of women are considered overweight. Diet promises a cure: Low carbohydrates, combining foods, diet formulas or weight watchers overweight kill it quickly. However, as Stern reports, dieting only works if it is maintained. If not, it's coming to the infamous yo-yo effect that puts the pounds back in their hips.

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In the Good Stock Invest show Lebensmittelcheck, Tim Mälzer had to go to scale. His body mass index (BMI) was 31 – that's overweight, The television chef has gained 15 pounds in recent years. Although he knows exactly what foods are healthy, he describes himself as a gourmet, sometimes defeating severity.

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They just don’t get stripped down despite the sport? That could be it.

Why malts don’t take his BMI seriously

In fact, Tim Mälzer doesn't want to lose weight. As long as he feels well and no doctor confirms obesity, he wants to stay as he is, he says on the TV program. The perfect diet doesn't exist for the chef anyway. His recipe for healthy and sustainable weight loss: Change your diet and build muscle mass.

BMI is not just for the mortar, but now for many doctors, the wrong approach, because it does not take into account the fat and muscle part of the body. For example, Mälzer has enough muscle, but his body fat percentage is 31 percent. Because this is too much, doctors on the show advised him to exercise regularly and to eat lightly.

Body mass index is the past: This is how WHtR is calculated.

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