Webinar - Introducing Flourish® Based on the PAM® Online Health Improvement Platform.Oct2014 2

Webinar – Introducing Flourish® Based on the PAM® Online Health Improvement Platform.Oct2014

Enjoy this 55 minutes. webinar featuring Flourish®, a PAM®-based online health promotion platform developed by Insignia Health.

In this informative webinar you will learn how the Flourish e-Health platform helps people achieve higher levels of health activation by providing personalized support focused on their health management capabilities.

Prosperity is anchored by the Insignia Patient Activation Measure (PAM®), a globally validated assessment that provides a reliable picture of how an "activated" person is in managing their health. Having evaluated the level of patient activation, Flourish provides a personalized experience in health education that uniquely develops a person's ability to activate or self-manage. As activation levels increase, people use health care resources more efficiently, reduce costly use, and improve overall health.

Flourishing can be used on its own or integrated into a status management setting that allows health coaches to recommend content, send and receive messages, and provide guidance for setting goals by activation level. It effectively extends coaching beyond the relatively short and rare clinical appointments and phone calls. Plus, organizations that implement Flourish can easily check and modify coaching tasks, interactions and care plans through built-in administrative functions.

Health systems, hospitals, health insurance carriers, pharmaceutical companies, employers and more are increasingly working to help people better manage their health as a lever to improve health and control costs. In order to achieve these key goals in a rapidly changing environment, this dynamic program guarantees people to receive health education and support to reach them at their specific level of self-management capacity.

Too often, eHealth programs simply provide guidance based on conditions, interests, or gaps identified in health risk assessments. This approach does not recognize the knowledge, skills and confidence of any individual to understand and apply this information.

Through Flourish, people gradually learn to recognize the causes of health problems – from medication adherence to lifestyle choices – and to set incremental goals for improving their health management capabilities one step at a time. Consumer-oriented design and proven game mechanics guide people toward challenges and action steps that are appropriate for their self-management ability. At the end of each challenge, people are rewarded with virtual badges and medals that can be integrated with incentive programs. A variety of learning styles are supported by articles, tips, videos, quizzes, journaling opportunities, and health tracking activities that are relevant to the individual's PAM level.

The Flourish Challenge and Content Delivery System support the most common conditions and disease categories, such as asthma, chronic pain, depression, diabetes / prediabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol and hypertension. Flourish also supports programs to improve lifestyles and wellness for nutrition, physical activity and stress.