A serious side effect: Does the keto diet cause an intimate odor? 2

A serious side effect: Does the keto diet cause an intimate odor?

It aims to dissolve pounds, reduce stubborn belly fat, and count numerous celebrity fans from Kim Kardashian to Gwyneth Paltrow: The Ketogenic Diet (Short Keto Diet) is currently the most popular diet. While everyone is bowing to the success of Hammer and preaching its many health benefits, there is one thing that nobody talks about: the keto diet has nasty side effects ranging from flu symptoms to diarrhea.

The nutritional trend also brings with it a rather unpleasant side effect: it should change the vaginal odor uncomfortably. We took a closer look at the rumors and realized what was really wrong with the fly problem …

Stinky problem: The keto diet should cause an intimate odor

Countless women report that the intimate scent is adversely affected by a new diet. The phenomenon even has a name, insiders refer to "Keto-hook" (in translation as "keto-step"). All just rumors? Well, unfortunately, there are no scientific studies, but online reviews seem to agree. And since a keto diet can cause mouth and body odor, we can well imagine that a low carb diet also changes the smell of the vagina.

Weight loss and odor: This causes an unpleasant intimate odor

The keto diet is adversely affected by breathing and excretion because the body in ketosis (a metabolic state where the body uses fats rather than carbohydrates to produce energy) produces certain chemicals called ketones. This, in turn, produces acetone – a substance that removes the nail polish remover – and provides odors on the body. For a vagina to stew, but ketones are probably nothing.

Experts assume that a carbohydrate-free diet changes the vaginal pH. This is normal in acidic environments between 3.8 and 4.2. However, if the value is not in balance, the flora of the vagina loses its natural protective function. Bacteria and germs can now spread freely and provide a sudden strong odor. At worst, it even leads to a (fungal) infection.

Stop the diet? This should be done when the keto-crook hits

Now for the good news: Keto insiders report that the vaginal odor disappears after a few days. Just like the symptoms of halitosis or flu, this side effect only occurs at the beginning of the diet during the change phase. Once the body gets used to the new diet, the nasty side effects usually sound fast.

However, if the strong intimate odor continues and you notice any additional symptoms such as redness or itching, it still goes to the gynecologist, as the infection may have developed. Either way, you should never try to "remove" the scent with a shower gel, soap, intimate deodorant or vagina. It would only leave the vaginal flora even more and exacerbate the problem!