An individual and sustainable master plan for your health 2

An individual and sustainable master plan for your health

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INM Physiotherapy is a consciously tailored, sustainably designed master plan that accompanies my patients on their journey to better health. This includes a comprehensive medical history, including a family history of the patient, as well as advice on all possible treatment options.

The patient should consider health as our most important good, develop a high degree of personal responsibility and a willingness to leave their comfortable comfort zone. The path there, marked by mutual acquaintance, leads to a special relationship of trust, offers the patient treatment in his usual home or in my well-equipped practice. In doing so, I guarantee timely appointments and a wide range of professional treatment techniques, including alternative treatments such as fascia treatment, Dorn-Breuss therapy, or foot reflexology massage. Individual care involves learning a personal exercise program so that the patient can continue self-care therapy in their own hands.

INM Physiotherapy offers a wide range of treatments that include physiotherapy, classic massage, connective tissue massage, manual lymphatic drainage, manual therapy, kinesio & lymphatic band, respiratory therapy, CMD therapy, dorne therapy, Breuss massage, progressive foot reflexology and progressive muscle relaxation.

In particular, INM physiotherapy distinguishes the broadest possible approach to a patient's personal life situation, which includes home visits, which are patient-aligned in terms of time and scope. INM physiotherapy tries to determine timely appointments, which guarantees a quick start to treatment.

Extensive history, home visits, individual forms of therapy, alternative treatment modalities, individually coordinated exercise plans, further counseling and care are all part of the recovery program.

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INM physiotherapy
Ingrid Noisten-Moll, state-certified physiotherapist
Panoramic Road 36
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