Anyone can contribute to insect protection 2

Anyone can contribute to insect protection

Lecture by Sabina Holmgeirsson "Wild Bees and Insects in Our Gardens and Communities" at the Birkendorf Nab Center.

UPPER GREAT VALLEY (wd). How can communities and hobbyists actively help insects? These and other insect and wild bee issues will be discussed by Sabine Holmgeirsson, wild bee and crop protection specialist of the Nabu National Association, on September 6 at 7.30pm at the Birkendorf Nab Center on Lake Naturena in her lecture "Wild Bees and Insects" in our gardens and communities ”and subsequent discussion.

The ways of life of insects and wild bees are very different and sometimes little known. Who is messing with the blooms of our still colorful meadow and our gardens? The diversity of the domestic world of insects and pollinators that are endangered today is shown. Possible causes of insect killing and consequences for shingles are presented. It explains the role of pesticides and their authorization practices. How can communities and hobbyists actively help insects? What suggestions Nabu makes, also for politics and at the municipal level, and what each individual can do will be explained and discussed.

"Through my beekeeping, I have been unable to neglect the topic of pesticides but also of wild bees, which is why I have been providing bees and pesticides for the Baden-Wrttemberg State Association since January 2016. The topic of pesticides and their effects in ecosystems is (m) one part of the work of the Federal Committee on Environmental Chemistry and Cotoxicology, which was founded in 2016 and whose second spokesman is I. It is also concerned with supporting the authorities for approvals or opinions from a conservation point of view, "said Sabine Holmgeirsson about her activities.