Beauty: Enjoy your vacation without augmentation: Well it works! 2

Beauty: Enjoy your vacation without augmentation: Well it works!

08/28/2019, 8:41 am

Kate Uptons Biknifigur is impressive

Kate Uptons Biknifigur is impressive Image: on the news

On the holiday buffet and unfamiliar dishes to mom: Those who are afraid to travel home with too many pounds should pay attention to these nutrition tips.

The holiday season is the best time to enjoy again. The only unpleasant thing: pleasure and weight gain are, unfortunately, often close to one another. If you want a bikini character like American model Kate Upton, 27, you should refrain from having a buffet at the all inclusive hotel. With a few simple tips, you can avoid the extra pounds.

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Eat well and consciously

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There is an easy way to get a good heartbeat on vacation: to focus on foods that are large in mass but calories relatively small. This includes, above all, natural foods such as fruits and vegetables. With snacks and dishes of watermelon, carrots, broccoli, cucumber and the like, you can eat as much as you want without fear of the calorie trap. These foods are easy to access.

Another method is to eat consciously. This is about finding a comfortable and relaxed approach to his eating habits. Because the slower you eat, the less and healthier you are. This is because a purely physiological sense of fullness usually occurs only about twenty minutes after a meal. On vacation, the time is still! That is, instead of quickly sliding everything away, you should give the body a little more time. Because it will signal anyway when enough nutrients are delivered to it.

Sports that are fun

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Physical activity, along with good eating habits, is the most important obesity protection strategy. There are many options on vacation – from swimming, surfing or tennis to jogging, running and cycling. Exercise not only increases immediate calorie consumption, but also increases so-called calorie conversion. In addition to the brain and liver, muscles consume the most energy. That is, those who have more muscle also consume more calories. It can also be removed during sleep because the muscles burn calories all the time.


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Comprehensive vacation often involves weight gain. If you can choose which food package to choose when booking, you can opt for the reduced variant. If only breakfast is included, you have to move for all other meals: the best on foot! Even a rented bike is an alternative. With this trick you eat less, have more moves and maybe taste local delicacies in small restaurants.

With everything included, but not only are the meals free, the drinks are often there. Watch out for alcohol and soft drinks! And these will affect the balance display. Whatever works and matters: water, especially in the heat. A glass of water before meals also fills the stomach slightly, which affects satiety. He has reported earlier.

As a belief: If there was an unwanted weight gain during the holidays, it is often reinstated as everyday life comes to an end.

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