Do you have hair on your décolletage? This is what you can do against it 2

Do you have hair on your décolletage? This is what you can do against it

While there is nothing against the fact that women are allowed to have hair on their bodies, many feel that their fur is not gentle – especially when they perceive hairs in areas that are usually hairless. One of these places is splitting, for example. Why do some ladies grow their hair here and what helps against it?

These are the causes of décolleté hair

All women have hair on their body and face. It's completely natural and you shouldn't be ashamed of it. In most cases it is just a very fine trim, which is very bright and barely recognizable. But with between five and ten percent of the female population, this hair growth can also take more extreme forms and manifest, for example, in the form of curly, dark hair on the chest.

The cause of hair on women's breasts is a condition called hirsutism, which can also lead to excessive hair growth on the face and abdomen. Hirsutism often goes hand in hand with virilization, that is, the masculinization of the female body. Women with this adrennogenital disorder show above-average testosterone levels, which causes hair growth in areas such as the décolletage. Women from the Mediterranean, South Asia or the Middle East are often affected.

Diseases such as polycystic ovary syndrome, adrenal disorders, or some medications can lead to hirsutism.

What can you do with your hair on a woman's breast?

Various measures can help depending on the cause and extent of the hair on a woman's breast. If your cleavage only bothers you a tiny flake that bothers you, then razors, waxing creams or waxing are sufficient.

If a disrupted hormone balance is a cause for hair, medications such as pills can help. They block the androgen receptors responsible for virilization. Your doctor will know what medicine is right for you.

Lasting results can also be achieved with applications such as laser hair removal. Highly concentrated rays of light are used to destroy the hair roots. As a result, existing hair falls out and no new hair grows. The cost of such an application is about 70 to 120 euros per session. How many sessions of hair permanently vary on a case-by-case basis. It is best to ask for an offer before treatment.

The final remedy for breast hair removal is the so-called electrolysis, in which electrical current is directed to the individual follicles. It also destroys the roots of the hair, causing unwanted hair to decay and not regrow. Also, you should schedule several sessions for electrolysis, each of which can cost up to € 450.