Exemplary Dental Care: Zipfelmützen Kindergarten Receives Stamp from District Health Office 2

Exemplary Dental Care: Zipfelmützen Kindergarten Receives Stamp from District Health Office

axis. Buchholz. The Zipfelmützen Day Care Center in Buchholz pays particular attention to the dental hygiene of children. For this reason, the institution at Sprötzer Weg has now received the stamp "Kita mit Biss" from the youth dental service of the district health department. Dentist Dr. Birgitta Abraham and prophylactic specialist Ute Thielsen handed the stamp to kindergarten teacher Lea van der Helm and her team.
"In kindergarten, children need to brush their teeth regularly, but not everyone does it," explains Birgitta Abraham. Tooth brushing not only promotes oral health but also does a good job for the whole body. In addition, it has an important social aspect and, by the way, promotes the motor skills of children.
Informative brochures were used to involve parents in the project. Because if mother and father do not grit their teeth in daily life, it is difficult to convey the importance of the young generation. The Zipfelmützen kita perfectly implements the specifications of the Jugendzahnärztliche Dienstes. To qualify as a "nursery with a snack," the institution must in. A. Provide daily dental care, refrain from feeding bottles and offer healthy meals.
This is exactly what Kita does. "We brush our teeth with the kids every day, and the educators are involved," explains head teacher van der Helm. The kids are very fun and are willing to learn. "They like to brush their teeth," says presenter Kita. For many children, dental care is an important step in age.
Also important in "Zipfelmützen" is a balanced diet. It was agreed with the parents that the children not bring food home but from kindergarten. a. A well-filled fruit plate is provided.
• Two dentists, five prophylaxis specialists and two medical assistants work for youth dentistry. He regularly visits all kindergartens in Harburg County and also conducts screening. If you have any questions, you can get the service at 04171-693695.